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This group calls on all gamers, nerds, sci fi and fantasy lovers and anyone looking to get together for some fun, a few inside and nerdy jokes and some collective storytelling and story making. More specifically we’re looking to start a tabletop rpg group and roll some dice. Anyone looking to game master is of course more than welcome so is food and in game shenanigans so let’s gather for gaming and fellowship and most importantly fun.

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Through the misty moors....continues

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So again this is gonna be a continuation from the last session new and old characters and players are welcome if you want to make your own character standard 5e d&d rules apply there are srd documents online with everything you need to make a character if you don’t have a character then we’ll have some pre-generated characters available party is currently Fourth level w 350gp extra starting equipment campaigns home brew(campaign setting is faerun/forgotten realms)there is food nearby and pizza that delivers to people in the store also there is technically a five dollar cover charge which you get back as store credit (I encourage people to eat at the table I always get food before the game) there are snacks and soft drinks at the store that they sell (and we’ve been told so long as you buy even a soda or candy bar they don’t mind if you don’t pay the cover fee Also the shop has everything you need to play btw srd online can be found for free all players of all levels of experience welcome come and enjoy and take part in the adventure just to reiterate we are about having fun rolling dice and having shared experience and some shared laughs no judgements come on down and roll with us (dice I mean)QUEST ON!!!!

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Through the misty moors....

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