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I have temporarily taken over the administration of this Meetup group (see below*). If you have any ideas or as a volunteer - please do let me know soon.

*I had received the following message -

Your Organizer, Zishan Ahmad, just stepped down without nominating a replacement. Without an Organizer, Hartford Tech Meetup will shut down on August 26, 2018.

Step up to become this Meetup Group's Organizer and you can guide its future direction! Other members can help you. Ask them to suggest Meetups or even nominate a few to help as Assistant Organizers.

A monthly gathering of techies around Hartford. Nerds, creatives, entrepreneurs, and investors welcome! We hope to create a community similar to the NY, NJ Tech Meetup groups, without the long drive for those who live and work in between the metro areas. We want to bring Hartford students and faculty together with experienced professionals so they can benefit from each other's advice, knowledge, experience, perspective, and energy. Each meeting should have some demos, a group discussion about a particular topic, and some unstructured time for networking and socializing. We'll strive to have a keynote speaker whenever possible. We are also considering having regular group hack nights if we get enough interest from the members. If you want to speak or have an idea for a meetup topic, we'd love to hear from you!

Past events (13)

Startup West Hartford

The Elbow Room

Startup Hartford May Mixer

NIXS Hartford

Appy Hour

Launch EZ

Startup Hartford September Mixer

Spectra Hartford

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