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Joshua Greene: Moral Tribes

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Our brains were designed for tribal life, for joining with a select group of peers (Us) and for fighting off everyone else (Them). But modern times have forced the world’s tribes into a shared space, resulting in epic clashes of values and unprecedented opportunities. In a grand synthesis of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy, Greene, author of Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them, focuses on the interplay between emotion and reasoning in decision-making. Joshua Greene reveals the underlying causes of modern conflict and offers a set of maxims for navigating the modern moral terrain — a practical road map for solving problems and living better lives. Moral Tribes shows us when to trust our instincts, when to reason, and how these forces, when joined, can move us forward.

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Joshua about the science and psychology of relationship and moral decision-making.

Joshua Greene is the John and Ruth Hazel Associate Professor of the Social Sciences and the director of the Moral Cognition Laboratory in the Department of Psychology, Harvard University. He studies the psychology and neuroscience of morality.

Harvard Hall Room 102