Self Sovereign Identity Management on Hedera


Meetup abstract —
Hedera Hashgraph Meetup Bangalore. At this meetup, we will take a look into some of the key features of the Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Technology. We will have a presentation from Hedera Ambassadors Sharat Chandra & Gokul Alex.

Join us as we learn more about how our transformative technology is being put to use and get a "Deep Dive on Hashgraph Algorithms — Cryptography and Consensus"

Identity plays a crucial role across many sectors. While there have been many attempts at a single identity provider, the proper technology was arguably not available before. Built-in a centralized manner, a true global identity solution gives too much power to a single entity and leaves many at risk for data theft and fraud.

In order to provide a trusted form of global identity, it must be built on a decentralized system. Personal data requires meeting global regulations like GDPR and digital identity needs to be trusted without risk of change.

Presentation by —
Cooper Kunz, Developer Evangelist , Hedera Hashgraph
Gokul Alex, Director, PwC | Hashgraph Ambassador
Sharat Chandra, Hedera Ambassador | President -Government Blockchain Association India Chapter