• Hedera Hashgrap - Virtual Developer Workshop

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    We are excited to announce this very special virtual workshop that will deliver the most comprehensive look at Hedera Hashgraph to date. We’ll be providing educational content supporting a range of community requested topics. Delivered by Hedera lead Developer Advocate Greg Scullard, this half-day workshop is all-encompassing, so whether you’re new to hashgraph or you’re a seasoned developer, we’ll cover everything from “what is hashgraph” all the way down to the nuts and bolts of the Hedera network, the hashgraph consensus algorithm, our services, and much more. When is the virtual workshop happening? This event will take place on Friday, March 1 from 8am-12pm Eastern Standard Time, which is 1pm-5pm Central European Time How can I attend the virtual workshop? Attending the event is easy - just use the Zoom meeting link here to register: https://hedera.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_d0tcaNPETimG30JoayARVQ Will there be Q&A? There will be a chat area available to submit questions throughout the workshop. Greg and our support team will try to respond to all of the questions received. What exactly is going to be covered? See the full list of the topics that Greg and team will discuss: DLT 101 - a comprehensive view of distributed ledger technologies - Decentralization vs Centralization - Permissioned vs Permissionless DLTs - DLT Types - A deep look at different consensus algorithms The Hedera Public Ledger - The “four tenets of Hedera Hashgraph” - Technology: what is hashgraph? - Governance: Hedera’s governance structure and council - Security: abyzantine fault tolerance, preventing Sybil attacks, preventing DDoS attacks - Stability: platform stability measures - Hedera services offerings: Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, and File Storage - Micropayments on Hedera Hashgraph A Technical Deep Dive into the Hashgraph Consensus Algorithm - Virtual Voting - Gossip about Gossip - Transaction ordering - Proof of Stake with Proxying All About Cryptoeconomics of the Hedera network - Fees and fee calculations - Transaction security - Resource usage - Running a node and incentives - The role of HBARs The Hedera API - Protocol buffers - Transactions and queries - Keys and signatures - A deep look at the File, Cryptocurrency, and Smart Contract services - Receipts and records - Process flows

  • SFSU x Hedera - Developer Workshop

    1630 Holloway Ave

    Please register via the link below: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hedera-hashgraph-developer-workshop-get-hands-on-with-hashgraph-at-sfsu-tickets-56056510532 Want to learn all about hashgraph and how to develop and deploy an app on the Hedera network? Join the Hedera Hashgraph team, led by chief developer advocate Ken Anderson, as we offer this half day (6-hour), educational workshop hosted by San Francisco State University (SFSU). This workshop is intended to provide attendees with a thorough and detailed look at the distributed ledger technology powering Hedera Hashgraph. This will include a technical overview of the hashgraph consensus algorithm, an in-depth look at available developer resources, a hands-on development component, a look at how to participate in our community testing program, and more. Attendees should expect to walk away from this event with the following learning goals: • A strong understanding of hashgraph, other blockchain based distributed ledgers, and how they differ • How to access the Hedera network for both user participation and development projects • How to use the developer tools available on the network (including SDKs and services) • Hands-on experience developing on hashgraph This workshop will take place on Saturday, Feb. 23 in the SFSU Library, Room 121 - https://library.sfsu.edu/lib121-library-events-room. The event will begin at 10:00 am and will conclude at 4:00 pm PST. IMPORTANT: If you RSVP to this event, you will receive an email with your testnet account key 24 hours prior to the workshop. It is important that you have this key in order to access the testnet environment used during this workshop. You do not have to register for an account on the Hedera portal in order to access the testnet for this workshop, but you will need the account key that is emailed to you. Speaker bio: Ken Anderson, Chief Developer Advocate Ken is passionate about a distributed economy and is the Chief Developer Advocate of Hedera. He is a serial entrepreneur, with 20 years of experience in system design and software architecture. He has built a team of award-winning engineers and consulted as interim-CTO for various companies during periods of restructuring. He was also the lead contributor to the TM Forum’s REST API design guidelines, now used throughout the multi-trillion global telecom industry. Ken graduated with a BBA in Management Information Systems from California State University and was an Intelligence Sergeant in the United States Army.

  • Earn HBAR! A brief history of micropayments & Hedera’s community testing program

    Swing by our upcoming San Francisco hashgraph meetup to learn all about how to earn HBARs through Hedera’s community testing program; learn how the Hedera platform enables practical micropayments, via fast transactions and low fees, which enable a variety of platform use cases. Hedera team member and product marketing lead Brady Gentile will kick things off with a brief history of micropayments on the web, taking a look at challenges we’ve overcome to get to where we are today and where we’re headed. We’ll dive into example use cases, where micropayments might enable game-changing applications built on the Hedera platform. To conclude, we’ll walkthrough Hedera’s community testing program, including how to complete your account setup and use the open source micropayments browser extension on the media website DailyTimestamp.com to earn hbars. We’ll have pizza & drinks, as well as plenty of time for networking after the presentation. Many of our team members from the San Francisco office will be in attendance. See you there! Agenda 6:00 - 6:30pm: Pizza & Drinks 6:30 - 7:00pm: Micropayments & Hedera’s Community Testing Program 7:00 - 7:30pm: Live Q&A with Hedera Employees 7:30pm - 8:00: Networking

  • The Future of Charity

    Startup Temple

    EVENT LOCATION ANNOUNCED: 906 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA Join us Thursday, November 29th for this exclusive Hedera Hashgraph meetup in San Francisco! Best selling author and founder of Charity: Water, Scott Harrison, will discuss his experience founding charity: water and delivering fresh water to over 8 million people while building a transparent and accountable organization. Mance and Tom will discuss Hedera Hashgraph and how it can bring transparency, accountability and speed of funding directly to those who need it most through smart contracts and micropayments. The first 40 people to arrive will receive a signed copy of Scott's book "Thirst: A Story of Redemption, Compassion, and a Mission to Bring Clean Water to the World" Amazon Link: http://a.co/d/1i9iFTp! Also, join us for a networking session afterward where we will be serving food and drinks. Venue location will be sent to RSVPs prior to the event. Agenda: - 6:00 pm - Presentation from Scott Harrison - 6:30 pm - Presentations from Mance Harmon & Tom Trowbridge - 7:00 pm - Food, Drinks, and Networking Speakers: **Scott Harrison** Founder and CEO of charity: water, a non-profit organization committed to executing Scott's inspiring mission to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. In seven years, with the help of more than 400,000 donors worldwide, charity: water has raised more than $125 million and funded 10,000 water projects in 20 countries. When completed, those projects will provide clean, safe drinking water to more than 3.5 million people. **Mance Harmon** Co-Founder and CEO of Hedera, Mance is a highly experienced technology executive and entrepreneur with a history of more than 20 years in strategic leadership in multi-national corporations, government agencies, and high-tech startups. This experience includes serving as the Head of Architecture and Labs at Ping Identity, Founder and CEO of two tech startups, leadership roles within a very large scale software program for the Missile Defense Agency, the Course Director for Cybersecurity at the US Air Force Academy, and research scientist in Machine Learning at Wright Laboratory. **Tom Trowbridge** President of Hedera, Tom has been advising and investing in technology companies since 1996, starting his career as an investment banker in the telecom group of Bear, Stearns & Co. Tom's depth and breadth of experience include leadership roles within the private equity firm Alta Communications, Goldman Sachs; and, Lombard Odier and Atticus Capital. Prior to joining Hedera, he started and ran the New York office for UK-based Odey Asset Management.

  • H18 - Hedera Hashgraph Developer Conference

    Hilton Anatole

    This event requires a purchased ticket: https://www.hedera18.com/ Get ready to code, network and learn! Join us for Hedera18, the inaugural hashgraph developer conference, featuring our first global, decentralized hackathon across five cities. Join 1,500 developers, architects, and industry experts gathering in Dallas to learn more about Hedera, the world’s fastest, most secure, and fairest public distributed ledger. As an attendee, you’ll gain access to educational sessions presented by the Hedera team, industry experts, and ecosystem developers, where you’ll learn how to build a new class of decentralized applications. There’s plenty of opportunities to network with your peers and have a lot of fun. All attendees will be able to earn Hedera tokens by participating in specific activities at Hedera18. Register Today! https://r.online-reg.com/Hedera18/register Can't make it to Dallas but want to participate in our Global Hackathon on October 15 and 16? It’s free! Hackathon locations include: Dallas USA London UK, São Paulo Brazil Singapore, Tel Aviv, Israel Paris, France Moscow, Russia Bangalore, India San Francisco USA Learn more about registering for the hackathon here: https://www.hedera18.com/hackathon/

  • Tom Trowbridge, President, SFBW Epicenter, "The Lack of Enterprise Adoption"

    ATTENTION: This is a PAID conference event. Tom's speaking slot is 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM on the Titans of Tech stage. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/san-francisco-blockchain-week-epicenter-tickets-48437478803 The San Francisco Blockchain Week Epicenter Education, Development, and Consumer Adoption, No Fluff! Check out the SF Blockchain Week Agenda 2 Days, 5 Stages, 3000+ Attendees, 100+ Speakers, 60+ Companies, and more! Free for Developers - Apply Here (Applications after Sept 30th will be waitlisted) Student Discount - Apply Here (Applications after Sept 30th will be waitlisted) Limited Discounted Hotels: Book Here (Sold Out) Why Attend? The San Francisco Blockchain Week Epicenter is a 2-day event that bring the world’s blockchain community for educational events focused on consumer adoption, technical innovation and insight from blockchain leaders in academics and industry. SFBW strives to educate developers, consumers, and entrepreneurs on technical topics and familiarize them with leading projects currently in development. This immersive experience aligns projects with the community by giving teams a platform to teach, and the community an opportunity to learn all in one place. Who is Attending? SFBW brings the top educators, thought-leaders, developers, investors, influencers, and the retail consumers to learn more from each other and challenge the status quo for the direction of the industry. Whether you consider yourself a newbie or an expert, our agenda is designed to address the interests and curiosity for every level of knowledge. The Goal: We designed panels and workshops to create friendly debates on critical topics that the industry is facing today. Panelists and speakers are guided to express their honest opinions, even if it's controversial, in order to foster a open conversation about the topics that matter. We hope that by doing so, you will receive the most real picture on the current state of the industry in a way you have never experienced before. Stages and Speakers: (1) Mainstream Stage: Charlie Lee(Litecoin Creator), Naval Ravikant(Founder Angelist), Jutta Steiner(CEO Polkadot/Parity), John Burbank(Founder Passport Capital), Jae Kwon(CEO Cosmos), John Tornatore(CBOE), Slava Rubin(CEO Indigogo), Karthik Raju(Polychain), Mick Hagen(Mainframe), Howard Wu(Dekrypt Capital), Reuben Bramanathan(Coinbase), Will Peets(Passport Capital), Andy Bromberg (Coinlist), Harrison Hines(Token Foundry), Sam Lessin(Slow Venture), Loi Luu(Kyber Network), Dave Farmer(Coinbase), Nadav Hollander(Dharma), Amir Bandeali(0x Protocol), Kendrick Nguyen(Republic.co) and more coming! (1) Titans of Tech: Dan Robinson(Chain), Zaki Manian(Tendermint Labs), Sunny Aggrawal(Cosmos), Izaak Meckler(Coda Protocol), Awa Sun Yin(Cryptium Labs), Aviv Eyal(Spacemesh), Iddo Bentov(Spacemesh), Akash Khosla(Chain), Evan Schwartz(Interledger), Nate Rush(Ethereum Foundation), Mo Dong(Celer), and more coming! (1) Building Blocks: Chris McCann(Greylock Partners), Jessica Salomon(MakerDAO), Kartik Talwar(SVAngles), Jon Choi(Ethereum Foundation), Duran Liu(Atlas Protocol), Hitters Xu(Nebulas), Jeffrey Tong, Ameen Soleimani(Spankchain), Paul Veradittakit(Pantera), Wesley Graham(Blockchain at Berkeley), Jon Kol(Passport Capital), Will Warren(0x Protocol), Jacob Arluck(Tezos), and more coming! (2) Blockchain Academy(Technical Workshops): Lightning Network, ICON, Shyft, Ultrain workshops, and Bitcoin Cash Hackathon... Read more: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/san-francisco-blockchain-week-epicenter-tickets-48437478803

  • Jordan Fried of Hedera Hashgraph in San Francisco, CA @ General Assembly

    "Next generation of distributed consensus technology and the problems with the public distributed networks today." Cost: FREE! Date: Friday, April 6th, 2018 @ 6PM - 8PM Location: General Assembly 225 Bush St, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104 (east lobby entrance) Room name: The Commons SPEAKER: Jordan Fried VP of Business Development / Developer Advocacy Hedera Hashgraph https://www.hederahashgraph.com/ Jordan is a DLT evangelist and self-professed crypto capitalist, and is the Vice-President of Global Business Development of Hedera hashgraph. Previously, he was the Co-Founder and CEO of Buffered VPN, the fastest growing personal VPN service online, which was acquired in the first quarter of 2017. Jordan is an investor in companies such as Hive.org and Buffer App and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc.co, Wired.com, Time Magazine, and Success.com.

  • [Repost] Hashgraph 5 Min Intro @ Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup

    Lane History Corner, Building 200

    • What we'll do Derek Labian will be giving a 5 min introduction to Hashgraph at this event and will be happy to answer any questions you may have afterward. Please see original event link below for more details. ORIGINAL EVENT: https://www.meetup.com/EthereumSiliconValley/events/245861880/ ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: We're happy to have Yan Michalevsky (https://www.linkedin.com/in/yanmichalevsky/) (PhD student (https://web.stanford.edu/~yanm2/) at Stanford) speak to us on "Ethereum Bugs Through the Lens of Formal Verification". Please note that this is not at our usual time (it's at 4:15), nor location (it's at Stanford). Also see below for more info on an event from the Stanford Bitcoin Meetup in the same room following our event. The material Yan will present is joint work (http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~shellygr/pubs/2018-popl-1.pdf) with Shelly Grossman (http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~shellygr/) of Tel Aviv University, and others at Tel Aviv and VMware Research. Yan's abstract follows: The famous DAO bug employed callbacks to steal $150M. Callbacks are essential in many programming environments, but drastically complicate program understanding and reasoning because they allow to mutate object’s local states by external objects in unexpected fashions, thus breaking modularity. We define the notion of Effectively Callback Free (ECF) objects in order to allow callbacks without preventing modular reasoning. We study the decidability of dynamically checking ECF in a given execution trace and statically checking if an object is ECF. We also show that dynamically checking ECF in Ethereum is feasible and can be done online. By running the history of all execution traces in Ethereum, we were able to verify that virtually all existing contract executions, excluding these of the DAO or of contracts with similar known vulnerabilities, are ECF. Finally, we show that ECF, whether it is verified dynamically or statically, enables modular reasoning about objects with encapsulated state. At the start of the event, Derek Labian will give a 5-min intro to HashGraph. Also, in the same room at 6pm Charlie Lee will talk to the Stanford Bitcoin meetup; we'll have food of some kind between the events. If you plan to attend the Stanford Bitcoin event, please RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/Stanford-Bitcoin-Meetup/events/246462531/ • What to bring • Important to know

  • First Bay Area Hashgraph Meetup!

    Peerbuds Innovation Lab

    Come meet others interested in hashgraph and learn more about this new superior DLT. Refreshments and food will be provided. Location: Peerbuds Innovation Lab (Fremont, CA) Second meetup will be in San Francisco!