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Welcome to Hashtag! We're the mid-Atlantic's largest home for games and game enthusiasts! Our new flagship event space is now open in Herndon, VA, specializing in original and innovative events, usually revolving around games, gaming culture, and both casual and competitive gaming in general.

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Hashtag Gaming Arena
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Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League (DM Spencer)

Needs a location

DM Spencer will be running Part 3 of Light of Xaryxis as part of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (Tier 2).

Note: This is a Published Book! It is a closed session for those who have previously played in the earlier sessions.

Blue Rose for Dungeons and Dragons fifth Edition

Needs a location

Journey into Green Ronin's world of Aldea, now available for fifth edition!

“Walk across its meadows, under the branches of its forests, or along its shores, and you would find the world of Aldea much like our own: with a day and night, a sun and moon, a cycle of seasons over a similar year, with much flora and fauna that would be familiar.
That said, you would also encounter magic and mystery under those forest boughs and in the watery depths. The sun, moon, and stars were placed in the sky by primordial powers worshiped during that cycle of seasons, and some flora and fauna are quite different indeed, from tree-spirits to faeries to beasts with minds as aware as our own. What’s more, you would find places, and creatures, touched by forces of corruption and evil, which have twisted them, making them inimical to life.”

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League (DM Ross)

Needs a location

DM Ross will be running a Tier 2 adventure DDAL 08-03. Most players will be of Level 5-7, and I'll aim to balance the difficulty level for a group of 5+ PCs of Level 6.

This is a follow-up to DDAL 08-02, Beneath the City of the Dead. In the previous adventure, the players continued tracking down clues from a treasure map they’d discovered in order to find an unknown reward. Ultimately the adventurers stumbled into an occupied crypt below Waterdeep’s City of the Dead. After vanquishing numerous undead and constructed enemies, the PCs found themselves in the reception room of Artor Morlin, one of the masked lords of Waterdeep, who also happens to be a powerful vampire. Over the past few weeks, several bands of adventurers have followed one of these treasure maps to Artor’s hidden lair. After killing a number of these deluded souls, Artor has become curious. Eventually, he discerned not only that the false maps are playing a role in the sudden interest in his lair, but that the TREASURE itself just may, in fact, exist.

Not content to let someone else claim the treasure, Artor has now thrown his own hat into the ring. This isn’t to say that he plans to let their slights go unaddressed. Instead, he’s opting to teach the culprits a lesson. In exchange for their lives, Artor dispatches the adventurers to the DOCK WARD to find out who is behind the ruse and put an end to it.

Friday Night Magic Booster Draft

Needs a location

$15 entry - 3 rounds of swiss pairings (paired vs player with same record).
Prizes are 1 booster per round win + promo cards based on attendance.
Set used will be newest standard set released.

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Friday Night Magic Booster Draft

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