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Type-directed search with dependent types

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Types have the potential to be, all at once, specifications, documentation, and proofs of correctness. Because Haskell's got a powerful type system, Hoogle (, a tool for finding terms by approximate type signature, proves rather valuable. But in a dependently typed language, types reach their pinnacle. The combined variety and precision of types in such languages means that type-directed search is a really enticing proposition.

So I decided to create such a type-directed search! I wrote the :search function for Idris (, a dependently typed programming language inspired by Haskell. I took an approach guided by type isomorphism (which is somewhat different from Hoogle): when :search matches two types, one can be constructed from the other.

In this talk, I'll explain Idris's :search functionality. I'll talk about type-driven development, type isomorphism, and how :search works. I may include a brief introduction to Idris. Along the way, I hope to convince you that types are our salvation, dependent types are the future of programming, and that type-directed search is cool!

- Ben