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HUGSTL is a beginner friendly haskell meetup in St. Louis. We're focused on helping people learn and grow with haskell through hands-on mentoring and workshops, and occasional presentations and demos. Each meeting will offer time with experienced haskell users to help you get a development environment set up, and for feedback and advice on anything that you might be wanting to learn. Each month we'll offer up a set of exercises and have a brief casual discussion on something that might be tricky about haskell. You're welcome to come for the exercises or just hang out and work on your own thing with fellow haskell learners and enthusiasts.

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Functional Programming from a JS Developer's Perspective

For the November meeting, Ryan Coleman will present "Functional Programming from a JS Developer's Perspective". Food and drinks will be provided, and as always we'll have some time before and after the meetup to answer questions about haskell and help with new projects. With so many languages and frameworks out there, it's easy to get caught up in how different they all are, but there's a lot to be learned by knowing how different paradigms from one language can influence or help understand those of another. Having used mostly Object-Oriented languages in the past, it was hard for me to understand the concepts of monads and functional programming, but implementing them in JavaScript helped solidify my understanding and open up the world of Haskell. Bio: Ryan Coleman (they/them) is a software developer residing in downtown St. Louis. They have worked across many different frameworks and technologies including JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, and Go, and aspire to make the web a more accessible and fun place to be. Nearly before they could walk, Ryan would spend time reading their mom's old programming books and building websites to share with their family on floppy disks. When not programming, they enjoy playing piano, painting (https://www.reallybad.art) and spending time with their two dogs, Roxy and Brielle.

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Ocelot Consulting

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