Jasper Van der Jeugt - Organize a Haskell Hackathon

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One of the interesting aspects of Haskell is that it does not have a big
corporate sponsor behind it. What it does have is a great community: online as well as in real life.

There's of course ICFP and local meetups, but aside of that Hackathons have slowly become one of the most fun ways to meet other Haskellers. We'll take a quick look at the history of hackathons, how they grew over the years and what interesting projects originated there.

After that, I'll encourage you to start a local Hackathon as well! We take
a closer look at how ZuriHac works in particular so you have a good template.


This will be an online event. We will be using Zoom for video conference and Slack for chat. The video will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube after the event.

Please join the ZuriHac Slack workspace using the following link and then join the #meetup channel. https://join.slack.com/t/zurihac/shared_invite/zt-gjuhujjq-tXYSjay7k04ONqAoAAQ6cg

Please join the video conference using the following link.
Meeting ID:[masked]