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Learn how a hardworking business woman like you can be less frazzled, more productive and more successful than you ever have before.

Women tend to recognize the feeling of being overwhelmed by too much activity, experiencing major imbalances between work and rest of their lives. This results in having to deal with increased levels of stress, and a decrease in the experience of well-being.

Whether you’d like to "have it all” or “have it your way”, certainly you should be able to balance everything you've got on your plate and live a happy and fulfilling life.

We understand the components of work–life balance, but “proper prioritization” is more challenging, because there is no “one size fits all recipe”. What works for one person may not be workable for another.

Now more than in any other period in history, we have tools at our disposal, to develop our own life style and create our own work-life balance formula.

If you are asking yourself:

*How do I go from an overwhelmed existence to achieving my own Work-Life Balance?
*How can I get my home, office or my life organized, decluttered and beautiful?
*What specific action steps do I need to do to make this a reality?

This workshop is for you! Breakfast included.

Speaker: Juliette Schatan, Founder & CEO. Refresh Organizers

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