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Vegan Aloha ThanksGiving Gathering by the Sea
Beloved friends, we invite you to partake in a vegan, gentle, kind, delicious, new paradigm embracing way to honor and share your appreciation and gratitude for life, for food, nourishment, family, friends, the earth, all the elements that sustain us, the people who grow our food and to the sacred, source, all there is .... please join us in our sixth Vegan Aloha Thanksgiving gathering! On Thursday, November 22nd, we will gather and celebrate in the spirit of unity, kinship, compassion, love and higher consciousness, in a group spirit of Sacred Activism, continuing to weave the Web of responsible actions and choices, taking care of ourselves and also speaking out for others, walking our talks and choosing a life style of least harm, of awareness and evolution - Veganism, a baseline of decency, ethics and morality. We will meet at the OLD AIRPORT IN KONA, on the grassy area across from the beach - where the walking trail is - on Thursday, the 22nd of November at 3 pm!! Please bring beach chairs, blankets, pillows - whatever is most comfortable for you! Also please bring plant based delicious mouthwatering dishes for several people. Please bring also your own plates and cutlery, let's Give Thanks to our ancestors, our Mother Earth, all the Food and Elements, to each other and all people involved who nourish us with the amazing abundance of living, fresh, healthy, high vibrational food also by creating the least waste possible! Bring your instruments and your radiant beautiful self - we can't wait to co-create another beautiful shining joyful Circle of Love and Compassion with all of You!!! Thanksgiving is approaching fast. The wonderful tradition of sharing a feast of Gratitude and Appreciation with family is sadly enough widely a feast consisting of blood and pain - but thankfully there are wonderful ways to keep a great tradition and celebrate it with kindness, harmlessness, staying away from cruelty and mindless consumption and truly encompassing the spirit of Giving Thanks. We can't wait to eat, laugh, be, enjoy and celebrate the sacredness of life with you!

Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area

Kailua-Kona, HI · Kailua-Kona, HI

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Do you feel passionate about being vegan for ethical reasons? Is compassion for all living beings fundamental to your spiritual beliefs? You can honor your vegan ethics and nurture your spiritual self by joining our Vegan Spirituality Community.

Vegan Spirituality is evolving to meet the needs of vegans who are both ethical and spiritual. Compassion, empathy, and reverence for all living beings are essential qualities of Vegan Spirituality. We offer a place to gather and explore veganism as a spiritual practice. Members meet monthly to discuss various ethical/spiritual topics, meditate, practice gentle yoga and other mindful excercises, share delicious potluck vegan food, and provide moral support.

In the future we may also have speakers and hold public events such as movie screenings, animal blessing ceremonies, and volunteering. Hope you can join us to build a Vegan Spirituality community here on the Big Island! We have thriving sister communities in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Olympia, Sacramento, and Vancouver. All vegan people from all spiritual, religious, faith, belief paths are welcome!

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