• Getting Started 101

    2532 Correa Rd

    Getting Started Attend this meetup to learn the basics of app development. This past weekend we created a hello world app with animations and images and changing colors! We also made some progress on getting flutter crush to build! Not quite there yet. But we'll get it! Here's what you can expect: 2pm: Start introductions 2:15pm - 4pm: Break into groups and program together or ask questions. If you have an Apple computer, let's get Xcode installed on your machine. If you have a PC, bring it, and let's get you set up with Android Studio. There are a lot of gotchas to installing Android Studio. Bring in your questions and let's maneuver the roadblocks together! We encourage developers from all languages and platforms to attend. If you don't have a computer, bring your questions. These beginner meetups are few and far between so don't miss this one. Who knows when we'll do another one of these. Parking is FREE on Sundays. Just make sure you don't park in any stalls marked "24 Hour Reserved." Any questions? Leave them in the comments!