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Board and Tabletop Gaming is a great way to make friends and have fun without pressure or attitude. The focus of this group will be on relaxed fun with a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. People can bring their own games to share, or learn games that others bring. My game collection consists mostly of middle-range nerd games like Lords of Waterdeep, Dominion or 7 Wonders, but with enough attendees we can split into "heavy" and "light" game tables - as long as there are enough people interested in playing a particular game, it's welcome in this group.


I'm [bi, straight, etc.] - am I welcome in this group?
Absolutely! If I aimed to include every group in the title, I would inadvertently leave out one letter, then members who identify thusly would feel extra-excluded. I don't want anyone to feel extra-excluded, so am using "gay" as an umbrella term.

You're really hosting strangers in your home??
Yes. It worked the first time I created a group like this on the East Coast, and people didn't stay strangers very long. Besides, I'm a large man with a set of Miracle Blade knives, so just *try* and mess with me!

Is the group owner the only one who can host events?
Not at all. The more events the merrier. Feel free to propose a gaming meetup.

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The Cryptographer - Virtual Escape Adventure

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Online Adventure - The Mayan Temple Mission

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Online Puzzle Adventure - Play Test

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Sunday "Day Gaming" Potluck - Hayward

Needs a location

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