What we're about

A study and analysis of individual and social progress via ethical, moral and spiritual virtues.
Topics of interactive weekly classes (1 hr):
--- The Spiritual/Light & Material/Dark nature of man.
--- The Source and Cause of individual nobility and sanctity (superseding the Dark nature)
--- The essential role of one common and universal vision of oneness and unity of humanity.
--- The essential need for divine education facing the options of choice.
--- Analysis of the essential role of conscience, ethical, moral and virtuous qualities.
--- The essential role of the individual in social progress (or degradation).
--- Mastery of self.
--- Analysis of the roles of love, unity and service in achieving global peace, tranquility and prosperity.
--- Evolution and human capacity.
--- Body, mind and spirit.
--- The life beyond.
--- Progress of the soul after death.
--- Free will, fate and predestination.
--- Does Evil really exist?
--- The nature of the Universal Intellect/Divine Creator.
--- Divine Educators.
--- Religion vs. Spirituality
--- Permanent progressive Revelations of Divine Guidance.
--- Consequently, a new human race (2.0, lol).

Please call to confirm prior to your visit (in the event of the day's cancellation).
Sundays from 10 am to 11 am.

Ray or Cathy.

Eden Youth Center
680 W Tennyson Rd, Hayward, Wing C, Rm 5

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