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This group is for anyone interested in learning, thinking about or building artificial intelligent systems or robots that aim to mimic or exceed human level intelligence.

07/12/2017 I plan to pause this group in the new year so I can spend more time working on an AI project proposal which is currently in draft:


If you are interested in the content of this proposal then please contact me directly.

For me this is potentially a very long term project of perhaps 50 years. Are you interested in using ROS (the robotic operating system), or meeting people who use ROS to emulate or actually control artificially intelligent robots? I plan to use raspberry pi (s) and arduino(s) to start building hardware to model brain like behaviours. Are you interested in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, language understanding, environment simulation prediction and artificial consciousness then please come along.

There are a lot of different academic disciplines that could fit under these headings. I want to form a series of special interest groups where makers can share ideas and collaborate. I also want to see if we can hold talks from experts as well as show and tell sessions where people bring their own projects.

I plan on holding weekly study and monthly sharing meetings. I plan that sharing meetings will be about planning the project and show and tell sessions and collaboration on built projects.

My initial personal research interests are in linking natural language understanding (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_language_understanding) with a robotic world (http://roboearth.org/) view to give a robot the capacity to acquire language understanding based on an environmentally grounded understanding of the world. This understanding should give the AI a pre-linguistic "object model" expectation of basic word build block meanings (semantic primes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_semantic_metalanguage) are words with meanings that are common to all languages that cannot be defined by other words and are therefore the base building blocks of language). I believe this can be used as bootstrap for a neural network orchestrated recognition of semantic primes from audio and visual input. This should allow the building of a cloud based hive mind (http://www.knowrob.org/). In order to manage and experience language understanding I also believe that an artificial conciousness implementation will be required. I plan to use the open source LIDA framework

See http://hemseye.org the what why pages for additional ideas.

I am also wondered at starting a Coursera study support group. I am interested in studying the Stanford Machine Learning course if anyone wants to join me.

I have called members of this group HomeBrewers after the members of the home brew computer club (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homebrew_Computer_Club).

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