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The mission of Head Trash Anonymous (HTA), is to help individuals recovery and heal from negative thought addiction. The Head Trash is the underlining cause of; Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Financial Difficulties, Unhappiness. Poor Health, etc.
The vision of Head Trash Anonymous is to have chapters throughout the world.  These chapters would be a community supported effort to help one another free themselves of negative thought addiction.   Please contact us if you wish to create a chapter in your community. 
Head Trash Anonymous was founded by Sam "Miracle Man" Shelley and Lori Pantazis.   We are forming a non-profit organization (501)(3)(c). 

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Satsang and Dissolving Head Trash with HT Baba

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Head Trash is anything that blocks you from recognizing your true Self.

Head Trash, which can manifest as stress, anxiety, poor health, financial issues, relationship issues, or career issues, goes on and on. As long as the mind thinks there will be head trash.

The Self is that which doesn’t change and is One with all.

When Baba was a very sick, disabled man for 38 years, he took head trash as Truth which kept him stressed and overwhelmed, and his chronic ailments worsened. One day, He realized that he had thoughts but wasn’t his thoughts(head trash). At that moment, he knew that all his health challenges were over and had a profound knowing that “All is Well.” Within 18 months, there were no signs of multiple sclerosis, bipolar, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, migraines, PTSD, and generalized anxiety disorder. He no longer needs a cane, medicine, or a need to see his team of six doctors. His doctors could not explain his miraculous healing. The key wasn't to focus on healing; it was knowing Self.

Satsang means being in the company of Truth. Head Trash is whatever stands in the way of Truth. Baba will share words of wisdom and answer questions, but more importantly, not add additional Head Trash!

Dissolving Head Trash doesn’t have to be complicated—you don’t have to do anything. I’ll be doing the “work” of dissolving whatever blocks are present. Most feel a deep sense of peace.

This event is free; however, donations can be sent through PayPal at [masked] or Venmo Head_Trash_Anonymous if you find this helpful.

This event is broadcast live on July 6th at 7 PM EDT on the following pages.

If you cannot make it live, the replays will be available on those pages. In Spirit, there is no time or space, and this video will be just as helpful.

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