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For anyone looking to improve their life and become happy, joyful and fulfilled. Feel incredibly empowered as you learn to set yourself free from the emotions, experiences and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from accomplishing what you came here to do. Many of these blocks reside in the subconscious. Learn to see how your experiences, patterns or physical symptoms are trying to get your attention in order to deal with emotions and their energy, as the law of attraction attracts like energy to like.

Events will typically consist of a guided meditation that connects you with your own healing guide, master guide and inner children. Every session is guided. This is how I train people to clear emotional and limiting belief blocks out of their subconscious, and energetically out of their chakras. With time you can learn to do this yourself. Meditations may be supplemented by a mind-body technique, The Emergence Process, or other healing modalities.

More advanced programs, or one-on-one sessions, go deeper for those who are ready to do the work and may address soul agreements, past life emotions and experiences, the akashic hall of records and an interpretation of your numerology chart from a healing and purpose point of view.

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Feeling Stuck or Experiencing Symptoms? Guided Meditation to Release & Clear

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