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How to Stop the Pain...After the Affair - Video Webinar
If you have experienced your life being shattered by your partner’s affair, you know pain. I imagine you might be feeling: • broken-hearted • intense grief • angry…even enraged • confused • and deeply hurt I understand. I felt all of these things in the aftermath of my husband’s affair. I struggled with these different variations of pain for almost two years before I found the solution that lead me to lasting peace-of-mind. I don’t want you to have to suffer that long. Moving beyond the pain of their affair requires that we do more than just talk about it. You need to take specific actions that heal if you really want to feel better. There are actions you can take that really work to help reduce your pain. In this video webinar, I will share with you 3 specific actions you can take to help you feel better right away. The good news is that they are all free and take no more than 10 minutes. In this workshop you will learn: • The two things you are doing that are keeping you stuck in your pain • How to let go of intense negative feelings • What you can do (that really works) to help you feel better in 10 minutes • What it takes to stay feeling better This is an online event, click here to register:

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What we're about

Heal From The for betrayed partners in Los Angeles: These small group drop-in and online sessions are designed to help you move beyond the pain of your partner's affair and create the life you really want.

Each workshop features a different topic and is designed to meet each participant’s unique needs. In addition to short, engaging lectures, you will take part in experiential exercises, writing exercises, personal sharing, Q & A, and personal coaching. All at your pace.

You can heal from the affair and feel happy and desirable again. Join Vickie for this interactive group in a safe and supportive environment.

You will be deeply supported and learn how to:

~Get unstuck

~Reclaim your self-worth

~Turn resentment, fear and pain into lasting peace-of-mind

~Trust yourself enough to love again

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