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“For thousands and thousands of years, the negative energy has been holding the Truth. I want to break that. Millions of souls are suffering. For thousands of years, a lot of negativity has stepped on the Truth hiding it, not letting it come out. I want to bring it out.” - Sri Kaleshwar

—> Calling all those ready to have direct experiences of the Divine and be like and/or greater than any Divine soul now, while doing the same spiritual exercises they did, to be a Master and awaken to the highest guru = the Divine light within you, with the aid of angels and Divine souls, similar to having an Olympic coach but spiritually.

—> Calling all open hearts who wish to enjoy the highest levels of spiritual success while being in unity as a community to grow their soul greater as a universal Divine soul family that elevates all by first loving the most valuable treasure within you.

—> Calling all souls who believe in the unity, equality, universal peace and happiness of all beings and wish to know the truth to awaken and transform their lives from the inside-out by living and speaking the truth (satya), taking the right action (dharma), being peaceful (shanti), and giving Divine love (prema).

Welcome! Congratulations on making the first step towards your Divine appointment. Our group serves as a bridge from east to west of the ancient empowering knowledge to give and receive Divine love, and to love all and serve all, that brings the fulfillment of your soul’s desires. The true enlightened Masters have called us to become greater than them and empower succeeding generations to do the same and greater. Learn vital spiritual laws that have remained hidden from the public for millennia to free your soul, lead you to right action, live your Divine life purpose, witness miracles, and beyond. Open hearts of all ages are invited to join our family group and share triumphs and challenges and come together in community to support each other while everyone grows greater together, to make a spiritual victory. Learn to return your soul to the center point of creation, and reunite with the Universal Divine Mother and remember why you are here. It is time for men and women to rise together as equals and be empowered to do greater things together to create a new spiritual victory.

Certified Soul Doctor Juleann is sharing ancient teachings that began being released in the year 2,000A.D. in India that Avatars Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Kaleshwar returned after 2,000+ years and directly entrusted to her in India. Sri Kaleshwar was enlightened by Shirdi Sai Baba and gave not only supernatural healings, he raised the dead and even consciously died multiple times himself and returned to life (yoga samadhi) like Jesus did. The country of India gave Sri Kaleshwar the honor of being a “national treasure of India” for all the miraculous healings he gave using the same healing techniques of Jesus and Shiva that he entrusted to Juleann. He directly trained and certified Juleann as a Soul Doctor and awakened her spiritual healing abilities and told her she has the power to heal anything. She sees and communicates with angels and Divine souls with her eyes open and is an instrument to share truth with love. After seven years together, before he left his body in 2012, Kaleshwar told Juleann he gave her everything and to share it all; after 14 years, Juleann now trains others to do the same and greater.

“Anything Jesus did, you can do.
Anything Shiva did, you can do.
Anything any Divine soul has done, you can do too.” - Avatar Sri Kaleshwar

Learn how now.

Juleann is a published author, spoke at the United Nations, and continues to speak, teach, coach, and empower people to live a happy life beyond their imagination while aligning with the truth of their soul in Divine love.

Benefits of Joining Our Group + Doing the Divine Work with Us:
+ Liberate your soul! Learn how to love Divinely.
+ Learn what brings the highest happiness and enjoy it.:)
+ Kaleshwar said, “Anything can be healed through these Divine healing channels”.
+ Open spiritual abilities in you.
+ Charge the five elements in you and receive direct Divine experiences of the creation. Purify your body, heart and mind and charge your soul with meditations that bring the highest peace, open the heart, increase willpower and mental clarity and create positive protection circles around you; Your mind naturally becomes very peaceful and relaxed, you can meditate easily while wisdom grows naturally, and your life automatically becomes more successful.
+ Grow your soul in the light and energy of our full and new moon events + more.
+ Empower yourself with tools to balance your energy.
+ Remember and be lead to the fulfillment of your Divine life purpose.
+ Create your life to have more Divine love, power and with protection so you can enjoy it longer.
+ Receive tools to handle illusions and negativity that can disturb one’s inner peace.
+ Learn how to transmute negative energy into positivity (especially vital for healers).
+ Pull a balance of Divine love and Divine power in you.
+ Develop your direct connection with the Divine to do wonders, as an instrument.
+ Learn how you can heal yourself very easily including healing energy blocks that have been preventing your happiness.
+ Sri Kaleshwar said you can heal other people including your family and your children and those who are having trouble with negative energies. If someone is using their energies in a negative way, like black magic powers, you can remove those energies and stop them.
+ It helps your everyday life, your business life.
+ You can bring the good fortune into your life when you apply what you learn with our group, and much more to be revealed.


+ We host 12 noon arathi (waving of the fire element to transmute negativity and pull positivity on earth) at our Sai Center in Los Angeles, CA USA.
+ We meditate as the enlightened Masters do - to have what they have, do what they did.
+ We have a book club where all individually read a portion of a powerful spiritual book.

+ Soul Doctor Juleann gathers with advanced Soul Healers to give healing either in person or at a distance to all those who ask, and together we give group healings to implement the same healing techniques Jesus, Shiva, Budhha, and many more Masters used.

Twice a month:
+ Full and new moon meditations around a fire along with a class in ancient knowledge called Paramashiva yoga.

+ Newsletter with events and information is released: register at www.tolovellserveall.com
+ Weekend course in ancient empowering knowledge to be a spiritual Master.
+ Group sessions for all to grow as a universal soul family and transmute negativity into positivity.
+ Seva (selfless service) project followed by a book club discussion on a selected topic.

+ Retreats for Mother Divine in Sept/Oct, Jesus around New Year’s, and Divine Father Feb/Mar we go in depth on various important and empowering soul growth subjects.

+ When pulled/called, we have Divine Mystery School Revealed retreats where ancient knowledge is shared.

+ Around the full moon in July our group travels for the highlight trip of the year: a transformational spiritual adventure of a lifetime to where Jesus and enlightened Masters lived in India for 2 weeks + an optional extended journey.

Tools + Techniques:
Below are three spiritual tools and techniques you can use now to empower and change your life to pull more positive energy as you wash out the opposite:

1. Wash your blocks daily and help heal family problems
The number one reason why millions of people are not enlightened is due to their own blocks. Below is a meditation is for whatever funny blocks and bad karmas you have that keep running in your life and family; This is a remedy to do daily. This meditation is a gift from the eastern enlightened Masters Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Kaleshwar who returned the ancient palm leaves of Jesus Christ. Just do it as much as you can at the beginning of each day and then watch the results and call me when you get your first noticeable positive result. ;)

Daily Process: First thing upon waking, face north, east, or northeast with no bare skin touching the floor while thinking with an open heart on your own blocks (eg: fear, impatience, guilt, hurt, hate, anger, addictions, etc.) + family problems to wash and heal them using the energy of this supernatural remedy. Just repeat it. It is enough. If you would like to review your pronunciation of this mantra, please join us for free for your first full or new moon meditation around a fire(in person or via long distance via zoom) and ask to review pronunciation freely with Soul Doctor Juleann.

Remedy for Your Blocks + Family Karma (Problems):
I-do Ah-na-di
Jun-ga-muu Ddhar-a-ni
Ra-ksha Ra-ksha Ra-ksha-maam

3. Never sleep with your head in the north
There are certain universal laws of nature that would benefit all to know. Starting in the year 2,000 we entered a new time cycle called the Sai yuga which is an age of Truth where certain laws changed. You are considered blessed if you even hear of such updated empowering knowledge that can positively impact the way you live, work, sleep and more. Many thanks to Sri Kaleshwar who sacrificed his life for the benefit of all knowing the truth. You can change your karma even by the way you physically move to pull more positive energy towards you. This body of ancient knowledge is just one voluminous scientific subject shared within this group.

Step 1 - Get an old-fashioned mercury compass and determine in what direction your head is in. Step 2- Note if any part of your head is in the northwest, north or northeast and move it so no part of your head is in the north again.. Sleep with your head in any other direction other than in the north. Head should be in the south, west or east (in that priority order) according to the enlightened Masters, to pull the highest prosperity in all angles.

Note: Never sleep one night or even on the couch with your head in the north because it brings bad health and bad dreams and drains your soul energy (and worse)

3. Gain Soul Capacity: Be in the silence in nature, meditate + listen to beautiful music
“You need to gain soul capacity, soul energy. Gaining soul energy depends on how much you’re really in the inner, deeper silence. You can meditate. You can listen to the beautiful music. You can enjoy the beautiful nature, alone by yourself. You can always be in the positive inspiration, with people around you, talking with each other with inspiring words.” - Sri Kaleshwar

Listen to beautiful music that opens your heart for a minimum of one hour per day. The kind of music that positively affects your soul is the kind that makes you want to cry happy warm tears. It should be music that is relaxing and calming such as nature sounds or soft beautiful music.

Stare into the eyes of any of the Divine souls in our attached photo section, for a minimum of nine minutes while saying their name inwardly. To uplevel, place a candle in between you and the picture of them while you are facing south or west and they are facing north or east.

May all beings everywhere be happy!
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti-he (Om peace peace peace)
Loka Sa-ma-sta Sue-khe-no Bha-von-thu (3x) (May everyone everywhere be happy)
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti-he (Om peace peace peace)

We look forward to meeting each of you who answer this Divine invitation to join us.

Upcoming events (5)

Join us for meditating this one highest new moon night = 1 million nights

Shivaratri means the night (ratri) of Shiva (Shiva is the symbol in the east of the Divine Father known as Jesus in the west). It is said that this is the one night of the year where the Divine Father wakes up from his meditation and bestows blessings and boons in concert with the Divine Mother, to all those connecting with him. Meditating on Shivaratri night, especially using his meditation channels, is equal to “meditating one million nights”. It is on Shivaratri night that anyone can gain gigantic Divine spiritual power. But how? Come join us this night to find out how.

All top spiritual masters are those who have a healthy balance of the masculine and feminine energy in themself. Avatar Sri Kaleshwar taught,
“You have to balance both the male and female energy. Who really completely melts their soul with these energies, miracles will come to them.”

This night we will do powerful meditations around a fire and processes with the five elements that will balance your male and female energies but the trick is to keep your energy balanced beyond this night. Another way to say your male/female energies is to keep your inner and outer elements balanced. Participants will be taught a meditation to do this night along with special processes designed for this one night.

This is one of several nights for the Shivaratri program. Those who sign up for the extended retreat that goes into the weekend until Sunday around 12:30pm Pacific are invited to spend the night this evening indoors or outside by the fire ($25/night - bedding not included). Participants in the extended retreat will join in private ancient processes, receive a special program power object + be gifted with the following knowledge:
+ We will be discussing the truth about Jesus’ marriage to Mary Magdalene. Jesus’ wife was his #1 disciple but she faced many obstacles and the truth of her was excluded from the bible. Mary Magdalene’s gospel has remained untold but the truth of her and what Sri Kaleshwar shared about her will be shared.
+ Learn about the cave where Jesus came and meditated in India after Jesus appeared to his wife post his resurrection.
+ Know what is the greatness of Shivaratri, receive a process to divert global disasters, do processes to wash your soul, and more.
+ Learn about power objects, lingams, what are the most powerful ones, and a top process + PIN code to any atma (soul) lingam.
+ Do an ancient Shivaratri purification meditation to take care of your family problems, wash your blocks to love, and fulfill your wishes.
+ A process to remember your soul’s frequency that has many benefits including allowing you to pull Divine energy anytime.
For more information on the extended retreat, please send a What'sApp message to us at[masked] or send an email to souldocjuleann at gmail.

Friday, March 12 schedule:
5:00pm - Call time to join the vegetarian sunset potluck
11:00pm - Approximate time this event ends

To register:
1. Make program payment via Venmo to SSBGS Shirdi Sai Baba Global Services
2. Send text via Telegram to [masked]. Receive text via Telegram confirmation of registration

We hope to see you there this night where we will do meditations that are equal in energy to meditating one million nights.

Meditation at Avatar Sri Kaleshwar's Mahasamadhi in Penukonda, India with Jesus

Once every 2,000 years, marking the turn of an energetic shift on earth, an avatar descends to earth to deliver the new spiritual laws and return ancient knowledge for those who are ready to uplevel their consciousness and evolve.

Sri Kaleshwar returned the same ancient knowledge Jesus had so all could be enlightened and do what he did greater as they both promised. You are invited to join us for a special meditation event to connect with these incredible Divine souls who are soulmates.

Join us for a brief teaching of a meditation for this day, and then bask in the silence and meditate together followed by an open sharing.

This event is by donation.
Please send donations via Venmo to:
SSBGS Shirdi Sai Baba Global Services.

Join the Sudarshana meditation around a fire to protect against negativity

Welcome! You are invited to join us for a special approx.-three hour Spring equinox event to create protection circles against harm, negativity and accidents. It will be held at sunrise Pacific time and sunset in India at a special location with certified Soul Doctor Juleannji. The peak of the equinox is 2:37am and this early morning sunrise event amplifies the power of this process to further increase your protection circles.

The Sudarshana chakra is equal to the power of the sun which brings the highest protection against negativity. Each person will be bestowed at least one powerful angel energy to be with you for up to a few months to help protect you from negativity and harm that comes in many forms. You do not see/know the arrows that will be taken on your behalf due to this simple, elegant fire but just watch how your life changes for the better as a result of this event. This Sudarshana fire puja has multiple benefits and below are some top key benefits to be received by all attendees:

+ Greatly increases your protection circles.
+ Cuts off negativity running in your life.
+ Is highly impossible for negative energy to be put on you.
+ Overcome enemies in a Divine way.
+ Brings relief from sufferings, diseases and hostilities.
+ Removes effects of black magic.
+ Gives the highest positive energy to your soul.
+ Protects from unforeseen dangers and accidents.

This meditation around a fire (to increase the power of this special process) is especially important during this time where negativity has been running out of balance with the pandemic, creating unnecessary suffering that this holy fire is designed to relieve.

Past participants please be ready with the mantra memorized in advance. If this is your first time attending, please focus on the fire and do not worry about memorizing the meditation (we want all to be in their hearts, not minds to receive the highest energy); you will receive all the energy the Divine will bless you with as you relax and tune-in with Soul Doctor Juleannji, and meditate on the simple meditation she will give you to link you with this fire.

The energy of fire pujas reach us wherever we are. We do not have to be present to receive them,” Sri Kaleshwar said. This fire is available via zoom to participants while it is hosted at a top power spot of the enlightened Masters.

The cost of this event is $108 per person. Please pay this amount by March 17 at 5pm Pacific in advance using Venmo to have offering made on your behalf. You can still register the day of the event but all payments are due in advance of the event.

Once paid, be sure to send a text via What’sApp [masked] with:
Your name and a recent selfie (for Juleannji to connect more with you).
Registration for Sudarshana puja
Payment date.

Then, the zoom link and password will be sent to you via text on What’sApp.

Payment Method
Venmo to SSBGS (Shirdi Sai Baba Global Services) [masked]
If you are unable to use Venmo for whatever reason, please let us know via What’sApp text as soon as possible so we can make alternative arrangement so you can join us.

We host these special powerful Sudarshana fire pujas four times year: solstices and equinoxes.

If you would like to request a private (Sudarshana) fire at a different time on your behalf or for a loved one, please send a What’sApp text message to [masked]. For a limited time while Juleann is in India, she is offering special private pujas to be done on people’s behalf as desired for $504.

We hope to see you online for this beautiful Sudarshana chakra event. :)

Full Moon Master Class + Healing Fire + Enlightened Master Meditations of Jesus

Hello from the holy center point of earth,

On the peak days of the month, our chakras (energy centers in each of us) are more open which makes us more sensitive. It is a time for silence and sadhana = meditation to pull high Divine energy to boost yourself as a Master. The highest guru is within you and these are the tools to help you excavate the Divine diamonds within you and grow them.

This night, I will be teaching what Jesus, Buddha and the enlightened Masters knew to help you experience and hold higher levels of consciousness/enlightenment. This is a path to show you how now.

Here is the schedule:
7:30-8:30pm - Master Class with Soul Doctor Juleannji
8:30-10:30pm - Joint east-west healing fires with me here in India projected on a large TV screen at our Sai Center in Los Angeles.

Details including the zoom link + password are shared once you RSVP and you send a What'sApp text to [masked]. I hope to see you online to share more with you.

Divine love + light,
Juleannji, Soul Doctor

Come grow your soul with us!

Soul Doctor Juleannji returned to Los Angeles in 2012 after living in India + being trained directly over 14 years by enlightened Masters Sri Kaleshwar + Shirdi Sai Baba, who heal + enlighten souls, manifest, transport, + even raise the dead. She is entrusted with Divine gifts including an ancient body of knowledge not taught for 2,000+ years, some being released for the first time on earth to empower people with spiritual abilities, + direct Divine experiences. Sri Kaleshwar told Juleannji three times he gave her everything + to share it all. Her life’s mission is to create spiritual Masters who desire to be like + greater than any +/or all Divine souls including Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Shirdi Sai Baba, Yogananda, Babaji, Shiva + many more, to evolve humanity by their wish, guidance, in unity as a community, + truly one united universal Divine soul family.

You are invited to join us online or in person if you are cv-free. If this is your first time, you are invited to join us for free. Please see the monthly newsletter + pricing for events after attending the first one: Sign up at www.toloveallserveall.com

Event details:
Each moon has two parts (unless eclipse):
1. Ancient holy fire + meditation outside to remove the blocks to Divine truth (satya), right action (dharma), peace (shanti), + Divine love (prema), fulfill your soul desires, + more.
2. Master class in knowledge of the enlightened Masters. “Whatever any Divine soul have done you can do too through Paramashiva Yoga,” Sri Kaleshwar said.

Tips for pulling the highest experiences:
1) Set a clear intention for what you wish to receive +/or release/heal. Think of one intention up to a maximum of three + think on them during the healing fire.
2) Open your heart to receive whatever the Divine wishes to bless you with, free from attachment. Remember to just relax….90% of spiritual success involves relaxation.
3) Please wear all white (if you can) to pull the highest positive energy (if not, then at least no black that pulls negativity, or wear lighter colors).
4) Stare into the flames + hold your focus while not blinking with your physical eyes to receive the highest purification + blessings from the healing fire.
5) Relax more + do not focus on memorizing any of the meditations the group does outloud, as that will just pull one into the mind. The goal is to stay in your heart/soul space as long as possible. You can learn the meditations outside the event, if you choose. Just relax + feed your soul.

How to Register:
Note - If you attend, you consent to allowing yourself to be photographed and recorded.
1. RSVP here you will attend.
2. Please text via What'sApp + 1 (310)[masked] your 1) Name 2) Email 3) Event name you are RSVPing for.
3. If this is not your first time, please send your payment to Venmo to SSBGS Shirdi Sai Baba Global Services and sign up for the newsletter at www.tolovellaserveall.com

We look forward to welcoming you! :)

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