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Ever wonder why sometimes the same situation keeps
appearing in your life, with the same (or other) people? Feel like you are on a giant hamster wheel or merry-go-round? You (as do we all) have unresolved karma with them - and it is possible to clear the karma so that the relationship can either be successfully terminated (if that is your desire), or can become more balanced in a harmonious way and move past the karmic contract that was agreed upon between you and that person prior to incarnation.

Each Karmic Clearing session covers up to 12 persons of your choosing, and the average soul family contains about 40-60 people. So it is possible to clear karmic contracts with those closest to you in the 4 sessions being offered (more may be scheduled).

The person with whom you wish to clear karma can be living or no longer in the physical, and it can be anyone from a parent to co-worker to grocery store clerk and need NOT be someone with which you have conflict. People who get along wonderfully also have karma between them and clearing this is as important as it is with those whom you do not favor.

More About Karmic Clearing: LizAnn Brain (the Session Facilitator, Channel and Medium) connects to the Karmic Lords (certain Archangels) who access the Akashic records of the people who are participating in the group session. The Lords let it be known if the karma that is with the person the session attendee selected can be cleared, or if it is not possible at that time (though it may be in the near future).

This confirmation comes through the sensations in the physical body of the person clearing, and if that person cannot sense it, LizAnn often receives identical sensations in her body to be able to assist the person clearing with an interpretation as to the allowability of a particular karmic clearing at that time (if that person clearing isn’t sensing it).

The karma between you and up to 8 to 12 people / relationships / situations in your life and/or past lives per session may be cleared. It is helpful to bring pen and paper and a pre-prepared list of people and situations you wish to clear. Some examples are: parents, children, co-workers, neighbors, past lovers, potential vows of poverty or lack from past lives, inability to shed pounds despite sound efforts, habits, addictions and more.

From LizAnn:

"I am looking forward to meeting each of you and working with everyone to help you clear Karmic Debt from your Soul group. Most will notice differences in their lives after a session within the first week. You may see your life run more smoothly, relationships improve or change, and transformations start to take place.

At the beginning of the session I will discuss what I have experienced in the many sessions that I have facilitated. I have seen some spectacular experiences. We will go over in detail
what to expect and how we do this, and I will answer any questions. I suggest everyone bring pad and pen.

The Karmic Lords have channeled to me exact procedures for effective Karmic Clearing. (I Am a Medium and I channel many of the Divine realm.)

See you all on Sunday, Aug 25."

Blessings, Light and Love,

Rev. LizAnn

More from LizAnn:

"Hi Aleasha and Everyone who is participating. I wanted to
make note there is a specific procedure for the order in which you clear Karma between you and your Soul Circle. The Karmic Clearing procedure was channeled to me from the Akashic Karmic Lords, who are Archangels in charge of the Akashic Records.

During the first 4 sessions we will clear karma in your lives with those whom you have accrued the MOST KARMIC DEBT in this lifetime. There is an exact order for this clearing.

I will explain this in detail at the first session on Aug 25. This procedure is EXTREMELY effective and powerful in changing things in your life, for the better. Please note that some people have more Karmic issues with additional people in their lives than do others. Therefore, when you complete the 4th session, where you will have cleared Karmic Debt between you and at least 32 people in your life, you may certainly opt for more sessions at your choosing. By the 4th session, however, major life changes, in health, relationships and more have been evidenced without exception for people who have undergone Karmic Clearing at these sessions. I have many individuals who have been participating in Karmic Clearing for several months and each has altered their life for the better - MUCH BETTER -- in 100% of the cases."

More Blessings, Light and Love,

Rev. LizAnn

From EarthTouch Healing Arts: Please note that metaphysical and etheric work is not to be considered a substitute for healthcare, counseling, emergency services or any other form of assistance for any matters with which you are concerned. However, many who have cleared karma and discovered other metaphysical truths have most often seen HUGE breakthroughs when other methods of resolution have been less effective - sometimes FAR less effective.

While Liz Ann Brain, Aleasha Lewis, Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet and EarthTouch Healing Arts bears no responsibilty for shifts which may occur as a result of Karmic Clearing, you may be assured that all experiences encountered by others after clearing karma have been hugely and lovingly positive, and you may be assured that each karmic clearing requested by the individual through the Akashic Archangels is a request for each individual's HIGHEST GOOD. We do not determine that, of course, and even our Ego Selves do not. Highest Good is determined by the individual on a soul level and that is the part of the individual which makes the clearing request. So have no fear. Your Higher Self (and certainly Divine Beings) can never steer you wrong.

Fee for each session (4 will be scheduled), is $25 per session (sessions are about 3 hours each), or for $80.00 for all four sessions, pre-paid. The following dates are scheduled (with each being announced on MeetUp in turn): Sundays at 2pm: August 25 (this is the one you are currently responding to), September 8, September 15, September 22, 2013. Fee is paid at
the door. Cash only please.

Hope to see you there Dear Ones! This is exciting! I have participated in one of these sessions before and very much look forward to the ones upcoming to clear more karmic contracts with those individuals and situations I love, and especially with those not so much. :)

NOTE: EarthTouch Healing Arts is located in a secure building and the door (at this time) cannot be left open. (We are on the Second Floor above California Pizza, on the side, at the First Floor entrance with the small green awning. Building contains
elevator and is wheelchair and disabled accessible.)

If when you arrive, no one is at the building door to greet you, please call Aleasha at EarthTouch at[masked] in order to gain entrance (Building Intercom/Directory is not presently functional - but the problem may be resolved before the session and further instructions will appear here if so.).

Please arrive on time so that once clearing begins the session may proceed uninterrupted. However, the session is informal insofar as there is open communication during the session - and such is, in fact, encouraged relative to the confirmation of clearing or non-clearing (at the present moment) which is

Thank you for attending EarthTouch Healing Arts' events, for sharing them with others, and for your desire to live your best life, raising your vibration for the sake of yourself, others and for the sake of this planet that we each share with each other. :)