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Reiki Share ~ Roots & Wings
This Reiki Share is for you if you have been attuned as a Reiki Practitioner it is a powerful group Reiki session for all level Reiki Practitioners. A safe, supportive, nurturing and positive space is created for us to develop, practice and give back Reiki with like-minded friends. It is a great time to give yourself a tune-up and relish in Reiki. Each practitioner will have the opportunity to give and receive Reiki during this relaxation and rejuvenating Reiki Share. Contact me if you have questions. Reiki Share Agenda • The 1st 15 minutes of each share we will have time to connect with friends and introduce new members, allowing time to center and prepare for our Reiki sessions. • It is our goal that each practitioner will have the opportunity to relish in 20 to 30 minutes of Reiki; dependent on how many practitioners are present for the share. • We will make every effort to synchronize each session allowing for the highest healing good of each person. • Quiet discussion of the sessions may be shared quietly while your group is preparing for the next person. • The room will be available at the conclusion of the Reiki Share so that you can socialize, give feedback and network with like-minded friends. Reiki Share Guidelines • RSVP so that we may plan for adequate space and tables. • Arrive on time, this allows time to center and enjoy the evening in a stress free manner. • Please silence or turn off cell/mobile phones. • During the share please be respectful of other groups enjoying Reiki by keeping conversations to a whisper and as brief as possible. There will be ample time at the end of the evening for comments and discussions. • If arriving late to the share, please enter the room "quietly" so the active session is not disturbed. You may spend time in quite mediation, preparing for Reiki or enjoying self Reiki joining a group when the monument presents itself. Donations will be collected to offset the cost of the room.

Roots & Wings

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