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Healers and Leaders
Each meet up will be a combination of introductions, a brief group-healing from me (Serena) to help folks tune to their highest leading-healing capacity, and we collaborate in offering guidance (knowledge, experience, healing, intuition) on topics that members bring to the group. What's in a session? Whatever you do best (as a healer and/or leader). Whatever you want to work on (as the beneficiary of someone else's talents). Bring the topic that's at the leading edge of your development, whether it's a thorny work problem, a relationship issue, some place you are stuck, or an area you'd like to grow into. And when it's your turn to be the healer/leader, bring a new way you'd like to contribute, a new technique you are practicing, or an exciting discovery. Bring your coaching and talent-development skills. Bring your business acumen, or your planning expertise. My personal healing talent is helping folks move into the next higher stage of their personal development - whether it's a promotion, new job, or unlocking a new level of energy healing or spiritual capacity. For myself, I could use some healing in the area of physical health, and in other areas, I'm sure! There are times when I'll be available as a coach, healer, teacher, or aid -- and other times when I look forward to receiving your guidance and help. I am starting this group because I know that the world's best leaders are the ones who are also the most deeply present, in a spiritual sense. Even in business, politics, academia, or philanthropy, the best leaders are clear about who they are and what they can and cannot do. To get to the highest levels, one must step back from time to time and address the internal obstacles that prevent us from achieving our highest goals, our life purpose. Sometimes, the very best leaders and healers are the ones who've been through the wringer and come out the other side whole. But what about those who are still in the wringer? How does one come out whole? It is not enough to do good work in the world without also looking within and healing all of the parts of ourselves we'd rather hide, ignore, or bury. Let's help each other get there, and become the best healers and leaders we can be! Come ready to look within, and share your light with the world. About the venue: This meet up is in my home, and I only have living room seating for 8 or 9 at the moment. There is room for more, but you may wish to bring your own chair or pillow to sit on. Also, I have puppies. (In case you are allergic.) There is ample street parking, particularly around the corner to the NW, or feel free to park in the driveway if there's room. This meetup is free. If you'd like to bring a snack to share, that is welcome.

Serena's Home

1217 S 116th St · Seattle, wa

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This is a group for healers and leaders. Whether you identify as one or the other - or both - there is something here for you. We'll practice healing ourselves and others, learn how to be better and more effective leaders. Whatever your healing modality, whatever your leadership style, bring your openness, your curiosity, your sincere and dedicated interest at improving and expanding your existing skill-set, and learning new things. We are dedicated to improving our capacity to be genuinely ourselves, full of presence, life, love, and then passing that spark along to our friends, family, loved ones, our organizations, and our world. It's time now. The world needs us more than ever. Are you in?

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