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What is a Healing Hive Journey: Conscious Cannabis Community Event?

All events are 21+ and BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis), although sharing among consenting adults is legal and permitted in the state of Oregon.

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Experience a safe psychedelic journey with Cannabis Sativa. We hold space for healing, transformation and exploration through ceremony and ritual in a community setting.

Conscious Cannabis Community Events are a ceremonial group encounter designed for exploration and communing with the plant, spirit ally Cannabis Sativa. In these gatherings we come together as a community to heal, grow, transform and celebrate. These events consist of workshops where you will be guided by trained and experienced facilitators on how to navigate the psychedelic realms this plant opens up to us. We provide a safe, supported, and sacred setting for this unfolding. Participants have described this work as “deeply heart-opening” and “one of the most psychedelic experiences I’ve had.” Many compare this experience to those with other plant medicines, like psilocybin mushrooms or DMT. This program of conscious cannabis was created by Daniel McQueen, author of Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate, and founder of Medicinal Mindfulness in 2012. It is now being taught and extended across the Untied States where cannabis is legal.

*Also available: solo and couple journeys, as well as team building journeys.

What the events look like…

We begin each journey by creating sacred space together. Then we share some guidelines for how to approach this experience in a mindful and intentional way. We imbibe together (BYOC) and then you are guided through a body scan, relaxation. After this you are invited to lie down, cover your eyes or not, and journey for about an hour to our curated evocative music set. You are supported throughout the entire journey. Then we gently bring participants back from this deep meditative state, take a short break for self care, and journey again for another hour. After bringing you "back" again, we take some time for grounding and integration accompanied by light snacks. We make sure everyone is doing well before going home via a designated driver, taxi service, or ride share.

What to Bring:
*Comfortable clothes
*Journal and writing implement
*Special items, pictures, or poems for altar
*BYOC: either 1 gram for the alchemy blend OR your favorite strain for your use, but we do recommend 1 part indica and 1 part sativa. We will discuss blends and provide some recommendations.
*A clean pipe or vaporizer, and a lighter
*Bottle of water
*Personal pillow (though i will have pillows available)
*Snack to share (chips, chocolate, fruit, etc.)

How to Prepare:
*Eat lightly the day of event
*Time spent in nature and doing other relaxed activities, self care
*Reflect on your intention, perhaps journaling for 10 minutes straight without stopping. What brings you here today?
*Set up a Designated Driver, taxi or ride share for outbound transportation

Prior to day of Event, please review the HHJ Self Safety Assessment, complete the HHJ Participation Agreement and HHJ Breathwork Agreement (if breath work applies).

*Some journeys are breathwork events and this will clearly noted

About your facilitator(s)
Valmarie Levine is a psychedelic sitter trained by Medicinal Mindfulness. She is also an apprenticing shaman through the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic and Esoteric Studies. Through her lifetime Valmarie has always had a caregiving role. She is a devoted wife and mother to four; worked as a nursing aide in her youth; ran a successful in-home daycare; worked as a birth doula, helping women have a gentle delivery of their children; taught various styles of yoga as a Registered Yoga Teacher; and was a homeschooling mom for a number of years. Currently Valmarie is working toward her CAPT credentials (Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy) as she continues her shamanic apprenticeship.

My mission is to help people with healing, creative problem solving and exploration of psychedelics through Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Sitting and Guiding. My role is that of a Medicine Mother working with plant ally, Cannabis Sativa. Through ceremony and proper set and setting this can be achieved. The work includes meditative body scans and “The Five Awareness Tracking Practice” to bring awareness to the physical body and subtle body or light body. Through journeywork we bring light to the areas of self that require healing. We attempt to shine light on the shadow aspects of self to integrate them into our being, creating wholeness. This is done through intuition and focused awareness; curiosity, play and creativity; allowing, accepting and relaxing into; understanding and discernment; somatic awareness and breath.

Who should join?
Anyone may join who is interested in exploring cannabis in this way. However in order to attend an event, one must complete the Self Safety Assessment, speak with a facilitator, complete waivers, and have a designated driver or ride share home. This is a safe and supported community. Healing Hive Journeys are intended as personal growth experiences and should not be used as a substitute for psychotherapy or medical treatment.

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