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Ever thought about meditating with a herd of horses? Now is your chance! Experience how meditating and spending time with horses in nature is healing. Simply pausing in nature, slowing to the rhythm of the horse, and noticing your breath can increase your sense of well-being, reduce blood pressure, and release endorphins.

But there is more. Like dogs can smell cancer, horses seem to be able to identify people with physical and emotional pain. And they respond to it, often simply standing by that person, as if protecting them or offering support. Research tells us that the horses heart, 5 times the size of ours, emits an electromagnetic field that can influence our heart causing a more coherent heart beat. Additionally, many times the horse transmits a VLF heart wave that our hearts begin to duplicate. The VLF heart rate has been shown to be a predictor of good health. So as we share space with the horse in our meditations, we are only beginning to understand the healing that may be taking place.

It's no wonder horses are being used therapeutically, in prison reform, educating doctors, helping war veterans, and more. And that's why Healing Horse programs will go beyond just meditating with horses!

Come explore the healing power of horses in nature and the amazing ability horses have. (For information on Private Sessions (http://healing-horse.com/programs.html), go to www.healing-horse.com/programs.html.)

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SOLD OUT To get on the wait list, please email me at [masked] ******************************* You know that wonderful relaxing sound you hear in those documentaries about the Bahamas or the Caribbean? Well, those are produced on steel tongue drums. When a tongue on the drum is played, it begins producing sound waves through vibration - like some deep wave dancing on the shore - creating a soothing soft, trance-like sound. Come join us Sunday the 13th for a Healing Horse Circle that will feature a steel tongue drum during your meditation! Let the music fill you and allow your heart to be touched. Feel the love, compassion, peace and healing over 1000 participants before you have experienced. At the Healing Horse Circle you will experience a mindfulness meditation aided by a tongue drum that will relax you in the presence of the herd. After the meditation, I will help you explore how you felt and what you sensed or experienced during the meditation. Whether they were personally visited by a horse or not, a majority of participants express that they felt: • More relaxed or energized • Connected to the horse or their hearts were "touched" by the horse • Experienced peace, feeling of safety, release, connection, love or joy Additionally, more than 80% people get some kind of message from the experience with the horses. And many of those that are in pain when they arrive report reduced levels of pain after the experience. If you haven't yet been out to the ranch to experience time with a horse, come join us and experience it for yourself. Hope to see you out there! Sheryl Brown Healing Horse (Still not sure what a tongue drum might sound like? Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54PSyeJ6IBQ&feature=youtu.be) Guest: Taalya Areli is the owner of Dove Spirit Holistic Psychotherapy. She is a a certified Expressive Arts Facilitator and a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist with a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Taalya is also trained in hypnotherapy, holistic coaching, EFT, Matrix re-imprinting, and other integrative and traditional healing modalities. She believes strongly in the healing power of nature and animals. Covid-19 Protocol: All participants must use a hand sanitizer and wear a face mask upon entry to the ranch. All activities will be conducted with participants 6' apart. Due to Covid-19 our program is now limited to 6 participants with a minimum of 6. ******TESTIMONIALS****** "My experience today was absolutely wonderful. I’ve been battling with some life altering obstacles and today I got to feel more centered, grounded and connected. I had tears from the overwhelming feeling of peace and connection with the horses. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to participate." "My time at this event was the best of anything I’ve done like it. The key people were genuine, kind and caring. The presence and connection with the majestic horses was incredible. I learned, laughed, loved and I can’t wait to do it again." “Today was a profound experience of healing for me. I felt the love, peace and direction I was hoping for. Heartfelt thank you.” “This was a blissful day. Beyond words. Still feeling it.” “I was really feeling support from all directions! What an amazing, humbling experience. Thank you to all fellow human and horse participants.” “This was an unforgettable experience of light, healing, meditation and love. I am thankful the connections and beauty that happened here.” “Sheryl this was a spectacular experience. Your facilitation was great and how the horses were interacting with people was very special. It was a transformational experience for everyone.” “Fantastic experience and Sheryl's insights are so enlightening. The horses are each so special and they are barometers for what is going on inside our own hearts. Incredible! Deep gratitude to Sheryl!”

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