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***SOLD OUT*** Cindy's sessions sell out every time she comes to Healing Horse. If you've missed her in the past, don't let this opportunity pass by. Cindy Marks is co-founder of Shin-Rai-Healing and a gifted channeler and medium. She combines her abilities with the horse's energy to offer messages which seemed to go straight to the heart of people’s life, health or emotional problems. Here is what participants awed by the experience have had to say: "What amazed me about this experience was how ‘right on’ Cindy was about my life now." "I'm nothing less than awestruck! One group session with Sheryl, Cindy, and the healing horses brought more peace to what has recently been a devastatingly painful emotional existence for me than several months of individual counseling even came close to providing. Cindy used her abilities to immediately identify some of my areas of concern and a majority of her messages for other group members also resonated with me. I highly recommend this experience for others and look forward to participating in future Meetup opportunities with this group." "I really got a lot more out of today than I ever expected." "This was my second time with Cindy at the healing horse meet up. Cindy was very informative, and right on! She has quite a gift!" If there is something you've been stuck working through and you are interested in a completely different approach, come join us on July 22nd. Here is what a session looks like - notice how the horses come in toward the end to comfort and support the recipient: The session is limited to a maximum of 6 (with a minimum of 4) to provide time for each person to get a message and receive healing time with the horses.

War Horse Ranch

3712 Valle Del Sol · Bonsall, CA

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Ever thought about meditating with a herd of horses? Now is your chance! Experience how meditating and spending time with horses in nature is healing. Simply pausing in nature, slowing to the rhythm of the horse, and noticing your breath can increase your sense of well-being, reduce blood pressure, and release endorphins.

But there is more. Like dogs can smell cancer, horses seem to be able to identify people with physical and emotional pain. And they respond to it, often simply standing by that person, as if protecting them or offering support. Research tells us that the horses heart, 5 times the size of ours, emits an electromagnetic field that can influence our heart causing a more coherent heart beat. Additionally, many times the horse transmits a VLF heart wave that our hearts begin to duplicate. The VLF heart rate has been shown to be a predictor of good health. So as we share space with the horse in our meditations, we are only beginning to understand the healing that may be taking place.

It's no wonder horses are being used therapeutically, in prison reform, educating doctors, helping war veterans, and more. And that's why Healing Horse programs will go beyond just meditating with horses!

Come explore the healing power of horses in nature and the amazing ability horses have to force us to see what lies beneath the surface of ourselves.

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You do not need prior experience with horses and this is not about riding.

The location is a 25 acre ranch in Bonsall, CA, just north of the 76 between the 5 and 15.

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