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Anima & Animus – Soul Mate/Twin Flame Attraction
** PLEASE NOTE - your place is NOT confirmed by RSVP on Meetup. To guarantee your place please book via the following link: “What’s the difference?” I asked him. “Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?” “One is a choice, and one is not.” - Tarryn Fisher Men and women possess innate qualities which are both, masculine and feminine, Jung called these aspects of the psyche the anima (male) and animus (female). When you balance the feminine and masculine aspects within yourself, regardless if you are male or female, you get to experience your whole and complete human being that is strong, wise, loving and creative and, at the same time, nurturing and gentle. This inner state of balance allows you to being to cultivate a happier and more fulfilling relationship with your partner. During the first half of this workshop you’ll be guided on a spiritual inner journey of healing, to gain insight into your inner masculine & feminine, bringing these aspects into a harmonious union. We’ll be using simple yet powerful exercises incorporating, energetic healing, NLP, guided meditation, and self development techniques, to remove emotional blocks and generate confidence and self love. Exercises will involve working in pairs and working as a group. Twin Flame relationships are like no other, they have a rare substance, and the potential for greater joy, personal growth and abundance. As twins mirror each other’s energies, these relationships can also bring up karmic issues which need to be processed. During the second half of the session we’ll be doing a powerful meditation to connect with your Twin Soul. We’ll be anchoring this energy into your aura, for you access at any time. YOU WILL LEARN - The difference between soul mates & twin souls - The characteristics of the masculine & feminine archetypes - How to become a vibrational match to your ideal partner/soul mate - How to form a deeper connection to your soul partner - Insight and tips for success THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR - Men and women who are single - Those who want to enhance their existing relationship - You’re seeking more fulfillment and LOVE There will be a 20 minutes break, please bring a pen, note pad, a bottle of water and a snack if you desire. Please note the bar in this venue is not always opened on a Sunday. The venue is 5 minutes from Marlborough Station and very close to Baker St. We’ll meet downstairs in the theatre lobby at 14.00hs and I’ll bring you up to the room. Only 10 spaces available Tickets & prices: £20 Super early bird advance (limited availability) £25 Early bird £25 Standard tickets Tickets must be purchased via Eventbrite below: The Facilitator: Andrew Okaro is an Intuitive Soul Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer, with over 10 years experience of work in the self development field, he is passionate and dedicated to helping others uncover their life purpose and achieve their true potential. His website is Testimonials: "An excellent session. I learned a lot about myself and it surprised me some of the things that surfaced. I will definitely be attending more sessions with Andrew." Antoinette “Andrew is a very talented psychic. He helped me release blocks of energy. He is a very nice person as well and is happy to share his insights. Thanks for this great workshop Andrew! ” “The day was really beautiful and the workshop too. I enjoyed the meditations. Andrew was an empowered and fantastic facilitator. The time went quickly and I enjoyed the other like minded participants. Hopefully we will meet again on the journey to greater abundance.” More testimonials here:

Cockpit Theatre (Studio 3)

Gateforth Street, NW88EH · London

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    “There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen, karma and free will.” ~ Kuan Yin

    Karma is the great law of "cause and effect", of "action and reaction", which controls the destiny of all living entities. This great law functions on the principle, that any action performed produces an equal and opposite reaction, which directly influences our very existence.

    The Law of Karma teaches that all our thoughts, words and actions begin a change of cause and effect (as ripples on the water) and that we will, at some time, experience the effects of everything we cause.

    Karma is the very principle that makes each individual the cause of his/her:

    · Relationships
    · Family/Ancestry
    · Geographic Location
    · Finances
    · Religion
    · Lifestyle
    · Physical Body (health and stature)

    Reincarnation is central to the law of karma, as what you’ve done in previous life times effects the current one. Many of our limitations, beliefs, and energetic blockages have their root cause in the past. Part of releasing karma is understanding the cause of the current effect, often this alone and can bring about the release.

    I am a psychic medium, regression therapist and energy healer, who specializes in healing past lives, relationship karma and blocks to abundance.

    The purpose of this meetup is to assist you on the journey of uncovering past lives, understanding the law of cause and effect, releasing karma and spiritual development.

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