Introduction to Egyptian Heka

Healing Lights South Yorkshire
Healing Lights South Yorkshire
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Cleanse… Heal…. Transform…. Awaken!
This is the introductory module to a series of workshops based on healing and personal development, connecting to the deities of Ancient Egypt.

In this introductory module will explore:
A brief history of Ancient Egypt
Links with Atlantis
Egyptian Cosmology
Magic and Healing
Gods and Goddesses
Attunement to Ptah the Creator God
Bringing new projects into being
Full colour Manual
Certificate of Attendance

This introductory session runs from 10.00am to 12.30 pm. Your investment is £20 which can be paid via Paypal to [masked] (include both x's) Payment needs to be made at time of RSVP and are non refundable.

A further three full day workshops 10am - 4pm make up this system but can be stand alone.
Module 2 - - The Divine Feminine - Hathor and Isis
Module 3 - The Sky Gods - Ra, Horus and Sekhmet
Module 3 - Past, Present and Future - Thoth Ma'at and Anubis
Full day workshops are £40 per day. These can be stand alone but all four modules need to be completed to gain practitioner certification.