Egyptian Heka Module 2 - Hathor, Isis and Nephthys (online via Zoom)

Healing Lights South Yorkshire
Healing Lights South Yorkshire
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Join us for Egyptian Magic Module 2. This second workshop focuses on the three main Egyptian Goddesses Hathor, Isis and Nephthys.
In this module we will explore:
Creator Gods
Who were Hathor, Isis and Nephthys?
Individual Attunements to all three Goddesses
Crystals, Symbols and Mudras
Heart Chakra Opening Meditation
Starseed Meditation
Hathor’s Mirror Scrying
Self Healing
Self love
Healing the Inner Child in others
Seeing that which is hidden
Full colour manual
Certificate of Attendance

Your investment in this module is £40 which can be paid via Paypal to [masked] (include both x's) Payment must be made at time of RSVP
This can be attended as a stand alone workshop but completion of all four modules is needed for practitioner certification.

This is a live event via zoom. You can sign up to or download the zoom app for free. You will need a computer with webcam and microphone or a smartphone/tablet to access it.

Further dates are:
Module 3 - - The Sky Gods - Ra, Horus and Sekhmet (11th Dec 2021)
Module 4 - - Past, Present and Future - Thoth Ma'at and Anubis (5th Feb 2022)