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Music is an ancient tool used for healing in both East and Western cultures. As a therapeutic method, it acts as a medicine for the mind, body and soul and is used to create balance and well-being. As a conduit between the physical and spiritual, music has a way of integrating and harmonizing the different dimensions of the human being, as well as offering a pathway for people of various backgrounds to connect and feel united.

Different styles of music facilitate differing responses in the human being - lively and energetic music invigorates the soul and arouses a stirring of movement and outward expression, whereas calming music acts to center and relax the human being and draw one's attention inward. The scientific community has studied the benefits of meditative music for relaxation and have found that there are clear physiological effects that include the slowing down and deepening of heart rate and breathing as well as the calming of brain activity.

During our evenings of music and meditation you will be able to experience:

Relaxation for the body and mind
A letting go of the busy-ness of life, stress and pressures of daily living
The balancing of chakras or energy centers of your body
An ideal state for natural healing to occur
Music that will open up a space for deeper contemplation

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