Past Meetup

Clearing Energies and Energy Healing

Price: CA$9.00 /per person

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Georgina will guide everyone through a White Light meditation to help you connect with another person who gives permission to allow this White Light healing energy to interpret what is going on within that persons body.

We will begin by learning about the White Light of Love and how the energy of Love carries the highest frequency. White Light is Love energy, that which all healers access to assist healing, whether it be Physical, Spiritual, or Emotional.

We will be using the White Light energy to connect us to the person we are working with, asking the energy to allow us to interpret as a medical intuitive, what is happening in their body health wise.

We will also learn how to clear and release emotional and health issues.

As we work with White Light to enhance our medical intuition, our focus will also be to restore the balance and harmony of the being physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Energy healing is a way of tapping into the Pure Love Energy, the highest vibration there is. You can call it God’s Energy, God’s Love, The Force, Creator, The Grandmother’s, Universal Force, Buddha, Allah, and so on.

All of them represent the highest vibration of Love and Light that there is. This is where the healing energy comes from, no matter who sends it, gives it or accesses it. This is the source of all healing.

Confidentiality is a must and all must agree to only use medical intuition with the Highest Intention and respect.

The energy will be safe supportive and loving.