Price: CA$9.00 /per person

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Jodi will be presenting and sharing the meanings behind building an Altar and also how and why one would create a Bundle. Alters are used in many spiritual practices from around the world. By building a bridge between the physical reality and the world of spirit we can then walk that bridge.

This is a very powerful way of becoming intimate with your truest, highest self and becoming more fully that person in the world. This model for the personal alter is inspired by the school of Snowy Owl Woman, Lynn Andrews and a powerful shaman grandmother whom Lynn Andrews spent time learning with in the Yukatan.

We will also Learn about the wisdom of la Ultima Madre, and prepare to build our bundles in honor of our female energies, these aspects of our own nature and their worldly manifestations. These teachings apply to both men and women.

We will then have 2 weeks to gather for and build our Altars and Bundles to present and share the powerful meanings that they represent to us.