Price: CA$9.00 /per person

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Join us in a peaceful informal evening of soft chanting, with Jodi, you do not need to be able to sing or have a voice.. just humming along or joining in at points is extremely healing...

we will have a little script to follow the words and it is very easy with very few words to remember... humming along.. building within the group to become very powerful :):)

Chanting is so powerful and life changing. By chanting you can give yourself over completely to the river of light and let yourself be taken by the current.
Chanting is a form of prayer and attunement with the Great Spirit. It is a letting go and allowing ourselves to become one with Spirit. We can do it in our minds as sadana, allow it to overflow in our hearts as love and graditude.

We connect to one another through the sound vibration and the power of our intention. When we make the sound we make what may seem intangable, tangable. We begin the birthing process of our creation. It is our manifestation.