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Crystal Helix Breathlight meditation

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Why would anyone want to do a Crystal Helix Breathlight Activation session?

You will be amazed at the healing power of the breath; and how consciousness of this on the experiential level of this process is so empowering.

The idiosyncratic way that each of us regularly breathes does not fully move throughout our body and leaves tension, stress, fear – in general, emotional blocks in the body - which can be cleared by this process. What the 3 modes of breathing in the Breathlight process do is move breath to parts of the body not normally receiving it.

In particular, you inhale breath deep to the abdomen and the chest and then exhale it out it in a continuous flow.

In addition to healing, this process will also naturally take you to a non-ordinary state with the experience being unique and consciousness expanding every time you do a session, to some extent guided by the intentions you specify at the start of the session.

Breathlight takes about 90 minutes with you lying on a yoga mat or similar, a firm bed pillow down the middle of your back, listening to music and being coached by the facilitator, mainly on the breathing.

You also get to do a bit of group toning at specific points throughout the process. Subsequent sessions bring in use a body map system and release of blocks through the facilitator applying pressure on specific points.

An experience not to be missed!

Two sessions available, up to 4 people in each one: next Sunday at 11 am and the other the same day at 2 pm - $10

Need to bring: yoga mat or similar, pillow, blanket, water; and wear comfortable clothes

Any specific questions on a breathlight, please call Peter at[masked]