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Apologizes for the short notice...on Tuesday night many of us felt strongly about holding ceremony for the solstice.

We are going to incorporate a few things into the evening, one of the first comes from Peter Bates - 5 Wishes. Here's some information about 5 wishes. It would be ideal if you dedicated some time to thinking over your 'wishes'.

The intention of this 5 wishes ceremony is manifestation which is sent to the universe in the following process:
1 - Say what your Vision is in as specifically as you can. For example, it could be to improve a health condition, master a technique, get a new job...
2 - Identify as specifically as you can what you need to do to make your Vision come true - people you need to meet, training, diet, etc.
3 - Identify the Duality of the manifestation - what the roadblock(s) are and how you will overcome them.
4 Have gratitude for your outcome as though it has already happened
5 Identify how you manifestation can benefit the collective, whatever group that is: your family, workplace, spiritual circle

Peter learned this in conjunction with the Medicine Wheel with 1 through 5 being associated with East, South, West, North and Sacred Mountain (center). It can be done in conjunction with the most simple of medicine wheels, with rock or crystal or other anchors for the 4 directions, the idea being that a medicine wheel will give positive energy to the process. It is best if everyone knows what they want to say beforehand even if they don't write them out. At some point you should write these out and put it into a small pouch with something that appeals to wildlife such as peanut butter and birdseed. The pouch can be made with cut fabric stitched into a pouch; and when filled, we each tie our pouches on a branch in the woods...

Peter can bring fabric, peanut butter, seeds, needle and thread; you are invited to also bring something if you like.

Annameika will be leading the group in a beautiful Scared Circle Ceremony to Welcome the Summer Solstice and honour the four directions.

We will have a fire to help us celebrate. Bring flutes, rattles, a drum or any other instrument if you want to make some noise.

You may want to bring a coat even though the fire is warm it might be chilly on your back :)

This will be an evening of sharing and introspective discussion.

Depending on how the evening unfolds we may do some chanting, some drumming (or making other musical noise) and maybe an element meditation.

It's recommended to bring a chair, a coat and blanket even though the fire is warm it might be chilly on your back :) Also wear boots as the terrain might be a bit muddy :)

For questions please email Annameika Lee at [masked]