Price: CA$10.00 /per person

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Join us in a beautiful Full Moon Ceremony to Welcome the coming of the New Energies, and

honoring the four directions.

Annameika Lee will be leading us into the Sacred Circle Ceremony

Sasha will lead us with Drumming and

Jodi will be leading us in Chanting

This will be an evening of Sharing within a Sacred Circle

Holding ceremonies and honouring mother earth is so very important during this time of transformation.

A sacred circle is one way of honouring the earth, the elements and the great creator. Usually everyone would be smudged as they enter into the area.

Annameika will lead the calling in of the directions, including the earth and star nations/sky.

While we are in this scared space and having been joined by our spirit guides, gods, goddesses and angels we will introduce ourselves and share anything that we want or feel compelled to share.

If you have a drum or rattle, please bring them along.

PLEASE DRESS WARM ! as we will be outside for part of the ceremony

Also please write down and bring 3 things you would like to bring into your life and 3 things you would like to let go of :)

We will also talk about the increased vibration taking place on the planet.