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Learn how to make and Spin Poi with Georgina !!

Spinning poi is incredibly easy and super fun and keeps you in shape too !!!

'Poi' is a Maori word for 'ball' on a cord.

Poi is an exercise and art form whereby balls are hung, either encased in fabric or held by strings and then are swung around the body.

From it's beginnings Poi had the purpose of enhancing exotic dance and rhythm.

Poi swinging has many benefits, including wrist strength, arm toning, flexibility and improving co-ordination to name a few.

“Spinning” Poi can improve self-esteem and quickly becomes addictive.

We will be creating our Poi and then learning some basic ways of “spinning” and swinging them.

Things you need to bring: note: if you are tall you will need approximately 54 inch lengths - if you have shorter arms you will need a minimum of 45 inch lengths

2 long 12 inch wide scarves 2 long tube socks 2 tennis balls or ball tennis balls sized very soft rubber balls - depends how co ordinated you are.. we dont want black eyes :) 1 pair thin socks without holes 1-1/2 cups of rice 2 glow in the dark bracelets