Past Meetup

Magical Didgeridoo Evening with Adley

Price: CA$14.00 /per person

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Join us in a magical, powerful and mysterious

Meditate to the hypnotic sounds of the Didgeridoo with

We will enjoy a very healing and meditative evening.

The didgeridoo is an ancient musical instrument and
powerful tool that can help lift an individual's vibration back to a less
chaotic and natural rhythm. The broad range of harmonics produced by the
didgeridoo vibrate in an ancient and universal tone and can be used as a sound
therapy that effects a person on three basic levels, physically, emotionally and

Adley creates a magical atmosphere, helping
us journey with the sound of the rhythmic and healing tones of aboriginal

This low frequency producing characteristic of the
didgeridoo creates a no touch "sound massage"

Here is a link to more information on the history and
effects of the didgeridoo