Past Meetup

Drumming Ceremony with Sasha Brown

Price: CA$15.00 /per person

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Drumming Ceremony with Sasha Brown

Lets gather together for an evening of honoring our spirit & ancestors with sound. Grounding, de-cording,dry bathing, rattling, smudging, and song circle.Remind yourself how good it feels to share music and your soul with the universe.

Bring your drum and rattles if you have one ( see prior rattle making meetup)

If you dont have an instrument then bring your voice, and shining spirit. The more the merrier!

in addition please bring 2 cedar branches 12"-18" in length for your dry bathing. Ask the tree if they would oblige and offer cornmeal or tobacco in return if they do, giving thanks.

Try to cut on the day of the meetup.

If you cant bring your own, let Sasha know and she will bring extra.

Be sure to Dress warm and Dry as we will be outside