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NOTICE for tonight's meetup:

Due to the content of this meetup and next weeks meetup, this is an introductory to energy healing and next week the advanced medical intuition is PART TWO.

This class tonight is necessary for anyone wanting to attend next weeks meetup.

Sorry for the late notice, but I did not realize the class had already filled up and everyone at this class will be attending next weeks.

Again I apologize, but as anyone who works with energy knows... The universe makes changes based on what we need to experience !! Looking forward to seeing you all tonight !!!

Georgina will start the session Using the White Light of Love to help us in opening our intuition.

She will then guide everyone through a powerful intuition exercise to find out where your intuition comes into your body.

We will work with feeling energy and sending it to each other as a ball of energy and also experiment with energetic heat and coolness.

The second part of the evening will consist of Aura work and a very interesting and effective Aura exercise :)

There will be handouts of the aura colours meanings.