Past Meetup

Sacred chakra play: taking yourself lightly - why balancing them is so important

Price: $13.00 /per person

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Halliday Walsh will be our Guest presenter and will be sharing with us a very powerful

2 Part exercise using Chakra tuning forks to assist us in clearing, balancing and energizing our Chakras.

I was privileged to witness her performing this and it was so incredibly powerful, that I asked her to share the exercise with the group and she has graciously agreed :)

Part One by Hallie: Let's talk chakras. This presentation of chakra balancing includes sacred play. I will be sharing how I balance and clears my chakras.

My intent is that we will take ourselves lightly as we explore a couple of methods for clearing and balancing our own chakras, moving onto a guided chakra meditation and (hopefully) G's beautiful bowl serenade to close :)

The intent of this session is to gently support people to clear and balance their chakras and to prepare them to respectfully work with others to balance their chakras in part two. Hopefully, questions and discussion will happen too.

This will be a 2 part series, where we will learn the energy we will be working with on July 10, which is quite unusual and powerful before actually practicing doing this the following week on July 17.

This will be a very powerfully healing evening and also a relaxing evening

Love donation of $13.00