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Muscle Testing - Kinesiology - Dowsing

Price: $13.00 /per person

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Please bring a pendulum too if you have one :)))))

if you dont no worries.... we will be working mostly without them :)))

also we can improvise if you want to try one and dont have one :))))

Find out "the unknown" about your mind, body, and spirit, where the energy blockages are, what foods your body needs, what herbs and supplements your body will benefit from.

Muscle testing is the process where you press on the wrist or wrist area to a persons “baseline” as each person is different in how much strength they have in their arm. Then, you press on the arm while holding a vitamin, supplement, or food.

You then ask if the item is good for you and if you need it.

One of two things will happen.

If the answer is no, when you press on the arm the muscle will lose its strength and go down.

If the answer is yes, when you press on the arm the muscle will stay strong and will not go down. This is a phenomenal process as the person pressing on the arm is applying the same pressure in each case.

For example, if holding “Vitamin C” energetic reflex point, and the arm stays strong after applying pressure, you know that your body has sufficient stores of that nutrient, If the arm goes weak after applying pressure, you know that the body can benefit from more Vitamin C.

But it doesn’t end there! Can you determine what would be the best form of Vitamin B? How do you know that your body can absorb it? While your arm is extended, you can hang onto food or a high-energy supplements with your opposite hand.

Over time, as you supply high energy foods, these reflexes become strong showing that there is a natural energy flow throughout the body. More importantly, you will notice the differences in how you feel and how much energy you have.

As you supply the nutrients your body needs it can heal itself so it is not surprising when conditions that you may have suffered with for a long time go away!

Many people have experienced the benefit of this approach where the body is literally communicating what it needs for optimum health.

We will also be working with other methods of testing such as using fingers or pendulums or the whole body :)

Please bring with you all of the supplements, vitamins herbs or foods you would like to test for yourself, to see what YOUR body really needs.

Love donation of $13.00