Psychic Development Circle for Sensitives and Empaths

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Topic this month is Emotion Code

Psychic Circle for Sensitives and Empaths: Do you sense energy around you? This can be overwhelming and draining to your own energy. These abilities can feel like a curse, but with support and practice they can grow and develop into a true gift! Learn to understand, read, and protect yourself from the energies of people, places, spirits, and global shifting. These fun monthly circles use exercises and games to bring you awareness of your own gifts and give you a place to develop with others just like you! Contact instructor Marsha Johnson: [masked] or[masked] One Thursday a month at 7:00-8:30pm...$20 (7/11, 8/15)

Topic: Emotion Code
The Emotion Code is a form of energy work developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It literally identifies and removes emotional “baggage”. Applied kinesiology (muscle testing) is used to quickly identify and release hidden trapped emotions. Trapped emotions are harmful negative emotions that became “trapped” in the body. Since these emotions are energy, just like the rest of the body, they can create imbalances ranging from emotional to physical symptoms. Releasing trapped emotions can make conditions right for the body to heal itself, both physically and emotionally. Difficulties can disappear or just become much easier to deal with, leaving the person feeling better in both body and spirit. Come join us to learn about this simple, yet powerful tool!