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This is a group designed to introduce to the community, and beyond, a unique guided meditation circle. With gentle breath work, you will be guided into a relaxation that will deepen as we progress on the journey. It will include an energetic balancing of chakras using visualization and reiki. Using my singing voice, there will be a portion dedicated to sound therapy which will help elevate the experience. Spontaneous channeled melodies and sounds will be produced as I am guided. Classically trained and formerly the lead singer of Orchestra Mirada, as well as a recording artist of children's songs and stories, my gift has evolved to this place, where magic prevails and healing begins. I invite you to connect to the deepest part of you and allow the journey and the sounds to reveal the mysteries that hide there! Allow your body to reach that state of relaxation where it can begin its own healing work. It's already in you so, set it free!

For now, the circles will be held on Mondays beginning September 24th. Stay tuned for the event to be posted!

Although this is great for beginners who wish to experience meditation in a group setting as it is gentle and slow, it is equally satisfying to the advanced practitioner looking for a different experience. Once the singing voice begins, it is potentially very moving and energy-shifting. I hope to also create events where like-minded soul explorers can gather and share!

If you wish to learn more, please read my blog: https://laluztherapy.com/2018/09/02/healing-song-guided-meditation-what-is-this/ .

Testimonials also available at: https://laluztherapy.com/testimonials/

Email: laluztherapy@hotmail.com

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