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Healing Spiritual Wounds
Has God ever let you down, not listened to your prayers? Has it seemed that the Universe doesn’t listen or care? Has the Holy One failed to protect you or someone you love? At our next Healing Spiritual Wounds Circle, our group will focus on the hurt, harm or betrayal we have experienced in our relationship with God. Here’s your chance to find healing and a renewed relationship with the Spiritual world. NEWCOMERS WELCOM! We use a Restorative Justice model of a healing circle to create a safe, open and healing environment. So be prepared to share (or pass), to listen and to be amazed as we pass a talking stick. If the weather permits we will meet outside. We meet from 6:30-8:00 PM and close with a healing ritual. Please let us know if you plan so we can have enough materials for everyone to share.

Mendota Heights United Church

680 Highway 62 (old 110) · Mendota Heights, MN

What we're about

Have you experienced hurt or harm by a church, clergy or spiritual community?
Many people have been wounded, alienated or rejected by previous or current association with a spiritual community. Often, those who experience this harm simply drop out of any spiritual community -- yet they long for healing from the harm they experienced.
A Spiritual Healing Circle offers the opportunity for you to talk about your experience in a safe environment with others who have experienced hurt or harm.
We use a Restorative Justice model, pass a talking piece, share our stories in a supportive circle, listen to others and then discover the healing power of this ancient practice.

Our Healing Circle:
Offers you the opportunity to share your story, your experience in a safe, open and supportive circle of people who are finding a way to heal from the harm they have experienced or are currently confronting in their lives. Donations are appreciated but not required to attend!

Do you fit in?
Marcie’s story: Marcie was part of a Charismatic Christian community. When her son died, the pastor blamed her lack of faith for her son’s death and shunned her from attending church or even meeting her former friends.
Bill’s Story: Bill attends a local religious college that believes homosexuality is a sin. He was too confused and embarrassed to talk with his college friends or professors when he learned his brother was gay.
Ray’s Story: Ray is a veteran from Iraq who is being treated for PTSD. He feels betrayed by both his country and by God for sending him to a phony war. He does not attend any church.

Tina’s Story: Tina and her husband were part of a church for years but grew alarmed when a conflict divided their church. They left when they felt burnt out by the conflict. They have never talked about the bitterness of losing friends and their previous connection with God.

Your Story: You may have been in a church or other religious community where an event or series of events hurt or harmed your spirituality. Such spiritual wounds are often difficult to talk about but you too can find a way to heal from the harm.

Don't let these wounds prevent you from experiencing a healthy spiritual connection. Our healing circle offers you a path for a deep and meaningful spirituality.

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