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Absording Healing Life Energy and Contemplating Spiritual Truths
I will lead us through the practice of "Tuning In"- absorbing Healing Life Energy, while reading quotes of Bruno Groening- (one of the most Christ like beings to walk this planet) for us to contemplate and practice. There is lots of space and pauses in between the readings- this will be primarily a meditative or contemplative gathering. if you have not attended one of my meetings before about Bruno Groening, I strongly suggest you listen to the the following videos first: Introduction to Tuning In: Overview of Bruno Groening's Teachings: Ongoing, Saturdays 12p-1pm Location: 209 Maple St Or you can join remotely at:,healingandawakeningsessions Cost: Voluntary Love Offering (meaning if you would enjoy giving something please do) If you cannot make it to this event and would like to know more, or if you are interested in any form of collaboration, or hosting a similar event for your community, please contact me. warmly, Truth (formerly Seth Burton)[masked]

209 Maple St

209 Maple Street · Santa Cruz, CA

What we're about

What if there is an Energy, a Grace, a Natural Healing Force available to all of us which can awaken and heal?

What if this Energy, can bring peace to a troubled mind, mend a broken heart and actually heal the body?

Through a combination of guided meditation, energy work and prayer, we'll Tune In" to and find a direct connection to this Natural Divine Energy (called by many names- some of my favorites being The Healing Stream, Healing Wave, Healing Current) for Happiness, Healing, Awakening and Growth.

Having experimented with various spiritual disciplines for over 25 years, this practice gives me the easiest experience of a Direct Connection with the Divine that I have found. And, using it, I personally, and hundred of thousands of people have experienced, actual healing miracles.

Ultimately this practice leads to Self-Knowledge, Self-Recognition and a Return to The Divine.

All of this is based around the work of Bruno Groening, one of, if not the greatest healer to walk this earth.

Some of the gatherings will include:

Full Moon meditations

How to become your own Healer

Energy Healing Circles

Contemplation Groups- where we look at, contemplate and practice together powerful simple Universal Truths

Nature Energy Hikes

May that Healing, Awakening Force

Be with You Always

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