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This group welcomes: Coaches, spiritual teachers, nutritionists, healers, Reiki masters, yoga teachers, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and other practitioners who deliver services that benefit the mind, body and spirit .

As wellness professionals we need to be in integrity with our own lives in order to work from a place of true authenticity, and best support ourselves and our clients.

The frequency we hold as we walk through our daily life is the vibration that we bring into each and every session with our clients. While it’s easy to stay positive, when life is going well, most practitioners give themselves a pass and allow difficult situations to move them off their center and into low vibrational responses.

All of our responses in life in life create an energetic imprint and it’s truly our daily frequency that affects our own success and the healing that we can bring to our clients.

In this group we will be supported to examine our current actions and responses to life and will be provided with practical, spiritual information that will empower us as we
seek to transform any habitual patterns that do not serve our highest good.

We will come together each month around a topic that is often a challenge even to the most seasoned practitioner. Our meet up organizer will deliver a teaching and our group with discuss the topic and together we will utilize a meditation or practice that will transform the issue we are focusing on from being a detriment to being an asset.

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Staying In High Vibration!

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