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This group brings together individuals interested in their own personal growth and healing. As we explore our past lives, we are able to release old beliefs and unhealthy conditionings, overcome fears and phobias, and find healing of mind, body and spirit.

During these group meetings you will:

★ learn exercises that stimulate the right side of your brain and quiet the analytical, critical left side of your brain;
★ establish a deeper connection with your spiritual self and meet your spirit guide;
★ uncover your life’s purpose and the lessons to learn in this lifetime;
★ experience past lives that are relevant in the healing of your current issues.

Normally the challenges and issues we experience in our lives stem from past experiences that are unavailable to our conscious mind. These experiences can originate in childhood, in the womb or during previous lives. These issues can be emotional, physical, existential or spiritual. By accessing our subconscious mind through a hypnotic state, we are able to remember and surface what caused those challenges and issues, empowering us to process them by releasing the repressed emotions and integrating them with the resources and wisdom we already have.

Disclosure: This group is not intended to be therapy or a substitute of any psychotherapeutic process. In some occasions the exercises designed for exploration can exacerbate the emotional issues that brought you to this group in the first place, it’s important that you have access to the necessary support, professionally and personally, to process these issues. Esteban Molina is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and trained past-life regression therapist, and he is not a licensed psychotherapist.

Esteban trained in Past-Life Regression Therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss, and has been practicing hypnotherapy in private practice since 2012. To learn more about Esteban, please visit www.Core4Healing.com

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Healing with Past-Life Regression (Zoom)

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Past-Life Group Regression

1807 Pruneridge Ave #118

Past-Life Group Regression

1807 Pruneridge Ave #118

Past-Life Group Regression

1807 Pruneridge Ave #118

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