Augmented & Virtual Reality in Healthcare: Beyond the Hype

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Dear Health 2.0 Stormchasers,

We look forward to hosting all of you at Rockstart on April 26th to talk about virtual & augmented reality and its applications in healthcare. There is certainly a lot of hype but as usual we want to balance the eager techies with what is ACTUALLY being done today. We have a packed agenda so please be on time and unfortunately we will not have any breaks in between but we will have plenty of networking before and after the sessions. Please check the upcoming events below since May is a packed month including our mothership Health 2.0 Europe conference in Barcelona (


19:00-19:30 Networking

19:30-19:50 Keynote: Maneesh Juneja ( "Immersive health" - are we ready?

19:50-20:10 Skype: Kamil Czerski (, Founder and CEO, Acomo Eye ( "How to make a healthy VR"

20:10-20:30 Skype: Keith Grimes (, General Practitioner, National Health Service: "Practical role of VR and AR in Primary Care"

20:30-20:50 Roelof Terpstra (, Executive Director, Virtual Dutch Men (

20:50-21:10 Jurriaan van Rijswijk (, Founder and Chairman, Games for Health Europe Foundation - " How healthcare is becoming real virtual with virtual reality"

21:10-22:00 Networking

Detailed Bio

Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist

Topic: "Immersive health - are we ready"

Maneesh Juneja is a Digital Health Futurist who explores the convergence of emerging technologies to see how they can make the world a healthier and happier place. In 2016, he gave attendees a chance to experience Virtual Reality at the world’s first pop-up Museum of Happiness in London. At the beginning of 2015, Maneesh Juneja was ranked 10th most influential in Wearable Technology, and 8th most influential in Digital Health. In 2012, he left the security of his career at GlaxoSmithKline, to set up his own consultancy, MJ Analytics. In the same year, Maneesh also founded the Health 2.0 London Chapter, which has since become the UK’s largest grassroots health tech community. In a career spanning 20 years, Maneesh has worked with data to improve decision-making across a number of industries. From supporting the Whitehall study at University College London, managing the Tesco database at DunnHumby, and most recently, working with the world’s largest U.S. & European patient databases at GlaxoSmithKline R&D. He holds a BSc in Business and Computing.

Jurriaan van Rijswijk, Founder and Chairman, Games for Health Europe Foundation

Topic: "How healthcare is becoming real virtual with virtual reality"

Jurriaan van Rijswijk is Applied Game Architect for 20 years. He develops game strategies and designs behavior change with games for among others healthcare professionals, therapies for patients with chronic illnesses, mental and emotional health therapies, lifestyle interventions and rehabilitation. He developed and produced more than 800 applied games and game concepts. Many of his games won various awards and/or are clinically and/or scientifically validated. Furthermore, Jurriaan is founder and chairman of the Games for Health Europe Foundation. The Games for Health Europe Foundation is the largest worldwide networking ecosystem of people, companies and institutes for research, development and implementation of games within the health ecosystem. In 2014 Jurriaan won the ICT Personality of the Year Award. This award is an acknowledgement for a person who stimulate and impactful applies and implements the use of ICT for the benefit of profit and non-profit organizations as well as governmental organisations.

Keith Grimes, General Practitioner, National Health Service

Topic: "Practical role of VR and AR in Primary Care"

Dr Keith Grimes is a UK based General Practitioner working in the National Health Service. With 15 years experience in primary care, a special interest in urgent and unscheduled care, and a passion for Digital Healthcare, he’s spent every moment of that time looking at how to use technology and innovation to improve the care of patients, and the working environment of clinicians. Dr Grimes has led award winning projects such as ‘MyLittleOne’, a neonatal intensive care camera system, and the Roving GP service in Brighton & Hove. In 2015 he founded 'VR Doctors’, a forum for doctors, patients and developers to examine the evolving he role of VR, AR and 360 in Health & Social care. He is always looking to share his insight and enthusiasm for Digital Healthcare with others, through his blog, twitter and in person at events such as Health 2.0

Roelof Terpstra, Executive Director, Virtual Dutch Men

The Virtual Dutch Men is powered by ArchiVision, a company that has created 3D visualizations and Interactive Media for over 20 years. The team is at the forefront of technological innovation, integration of resources and media and other smart applications, also in healthcare.

Kamil Czerski, Founder and CEO, Acomo Eye

Topic: "How to make a healthy VR"

Kamil Czerski comes from a Polish city of Zamość. Currently, he is finishing his Master’s degree in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology. His passion is Virtual Reality and Computer Vision. He is the founder and CEO of Acomo Eye, with which he and his team aim to bring eye human interaction and presence to Virtual Reality due to eye-tracking technology.

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