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Stop waiting until you have an ideal body and start living now!

Do you tell yourself: “After I lose weight, get fit, like what I see in the mirror, etc., then I can be successful?”

It’s time to take your life off hold!

Human beings are created in all shapes and sizes. Our body knows its individual template for good health. In a safe, supportive group we will explore:

¯ What it means to accept and believe in ourselves as we are, right now.

¯ Behaving as if our voice matters. Not stuffing it down with food. Coming out of hiding.

¯ Stopping body hate. Ending the war on our bodies. Loving and appreciating ourselves.

¯ The real needs we have been trying to fill by eating. Giving ourselves true nourishment.

¯ How to free ourselves from the body-shaming, body-snarking weight stigma that surround us. Reclaiming our power, and our right, to feel good about ourselves.

¯ Creating the lives we know are possible.

¯ Proclaiming our uniqueness, as well as our need for belonging.

Whether you are currently on a health and fitness plan or not, you are welcome here. The goal is to create the mindset to step into a greater, more fulfilling life that is waiting for you, and is your birthright.

When: Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm for 8 weeks. September 30th through November 17th.

Location: The Hilltop Integrative Health Center, 147 Rogers St. NW, Olympia, WA 98502

Cost: $295.00, discounted to $245.00 if paid in full by the first group meeting.

Group leaders:

Cindy Levy,LMHC, CHT, CP is a licensed mental health counselor, clinical hypnotherapist, certified psychodramatist, and biologist. Her work focuses on self-acceptance, activating the mind-body connection, social inclusion, and using our innate capacities to live fuller, happier, healthier lives.

Janet Munson, BA, NTP, CHTis a certified nutritional therapist and hypnotherapist in practice since 2007. She brings knowledge and passion to her clients, guiding them in a non-judgmental through the use of whole foods and customized, targeted supplementation.

Please contact: Cindy Levy for an initial, no-cost interview at (360) 888-6630, clevy958@gmail.com OR

Janet Munson at (360) 790-5374, info@genesisnht.com

Topics include:

¯ Your Ideal Life – The You Who is Buried and Bursting to Emerge

¯ Nutrition

¯ Health at Every Size®

¯ Stress, Emotional Eating

¯ Negative Self-Talk and Limiting Beliefs

¯ Getting Your Needs Met

¯ Body Image

¯ Weight Stigma and Cultural Pressures

¯ The Truth Behind the Food Industry

¯ Supportive Community

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