What we're about

Hi Friends-- So Im just a person in living in San Diego. I realize all I really want in life is to FEEL Healthy and BE HAPPY. And I vowed to empower myself first, because I know I love to empower others.

So speading the seed to share this philosophy to you and ones alike.

There is so much out there! What’s real- what’s not? I believe we should CARE about our well being, from the inside out. On a CELLULAR level. If you nod your head to that statement, then you know what im talking about!!

My intention for this group is i am wanting to connect and collaborate with like minded individuals looking to know more about health, wellness and nutrition through whole food nutrition. For the past few years i have been having fun events incorporating real food into lives! Focusing on making small improvements that will pay off BIG. I host tons of community fitness programs, in conjunction with nutrition planning, coaching, and love, support.

From collaborating on community education events, workshops, webinars, podcasts, and video chats to educate people on the power of a healthy lifestyle and collectively offer practical solutions to achieve optimal wellness.

Im thinking we will have discussion meetings, have Salad in a Jar parties from time to time, can go explore San Diego or even have Zoom calls or chats about awesome things that are being re-learned to be beneficial and good for us. Im not really sure because I know San Diego is HUGE, so Message me, and together we can spread the beauty of health and wellness through nutrition. I care about my community and want to support in any ways I value.

Im a certified Doula and Postpartum Doula- and my mission is to help Empower People holistically through, Nutrition, Self Love and Spirituality. Would love to connect and see how we can help each other, support and be happier, healthier, loving people. Check out my website, http://www.DoulaDeer.com Sidenote- I Understand and believe Everyone is Different. So I would like to just put out there, I am NOT trying to promote any weight loss or "diet" anything, I just want to promote empowerment through educating ones self, sharing with other, know the truth so you can make your own choice on what is right and wrong for your own self. <3


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