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Healthcare Informatics is a multifaceted discipline comprising several areas in the practice of medicine that leverage information technology platforms to improve patient care. Health informatics is also known as medical informatics, biomedical informatics, clinical informatics, nursing informatics, and public health informatics etc. In addition, healthcare informatics is an interdisciplinary study of frameworks to design, development, adoption, and application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management and planning.

The following links provide a basic understanding of what healthcare informatics IS and IS NOT:




In short…

Healthcare Informatics IS:

- An interdisciplinary solution requires a with very tight collaboration among Health, IT, Government and Social-Science practitioners and operators.

- A communication-bridge, culture and a language that actors from all sides of isles should communicate for sake of building a viable solution for better health-outcome.

Healthcare Informatics IS NOT:

- A technical solution ALONE.

- A Data Science solution ALONE.

- A Health Science solution ALONE.

- A Social behavioral solution ALONE

- A Government solution ALONE

Approaching utilization of healthcare informatics tools in a silo or individually will not aid the industry in solving its problems to effectively use health data for value-based care or quality needs.

In this case, health organization’s possessing great knowledge, tools, determination, and good intention would find their efforts ineffective and likely not succeed.

Let’s build a culture, language, and communication bridge that we can all have a clear understanding of how to build framework-based solutions that improve care and increase providers bottom lines.

Who should participate in this group:

Physicians, Nurse, Hospital Staff, Clinical Staff, Pharmacy Staff, Medicinal Practitioner, Health Scientist, Data Scientist, Health Analyst, Healthcare Predictive Analyst, Big Data Analyst, Business Analyst, System Analyst.


Healthcare Predictive Analytics is part of this group. We will have many joint events.

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